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Do not click past this page! Give Begonias a chance. How many other plants can you name which guarantee a rainbow of cheering colour for five months of the year? I’m right here waiting for your answer…

For our first edition of Begonia of the Month, I want to tell you about ‘Super Cool’, a Begonia that could almost be named after myself (oh get over yourself, Michael!). But, jokes aside, let me sell this wonderful plant to you.. ’cause you’re sooo gonna want some!


Begonia 'Super Cool'


So, at first sight, you may not see why this Begonia is named as such. But, let me tell you the name is more accurate than you could ever imagine! This is one of the most COOL-tolerant Begonia semperflorens in the marketplace, so it keeps THREE groups of people very happy:

First up, it’s love of cold means that growers have lower heating bills, not to mention the environmental benefits. Then, there are garden centres… they know that plants are full and voluptuous, and bound to tempt you on the bench. THEN, when ‘Super Cool’ reaches your garden at home, it just keeps on growing, however bad our English summer might be… (don’t want to jinx anything there!).


Begonia 'Super Cool'


How was this plant created?

The breeding team at Benary have more than 100 years experience with Begonia semperflorens, creating the very first hybrid way back in 1909! In order to find the best cold tolerant plants, this took a lot of selecting, and over a period of many years.

To bring a full bedding mix, you don’t just need one colour though. Benary needed to bring a series, with colours each distinctly different to one another.


Begonia 'Super Cool'

What’s different about this plant?

Now, when we are talking ‘full’ plants, we mean that they’re well-branched, covered in flowers, and genuinely fill a gap in a border. Many traditional Begonia semperflorens are a little tooo compact, and the flowers a bit too crowded, often turning to mush in the rain.

‘Super Cool’ has leaves like waterlily pads with big, open, exotic flowers. Literally, everything is on full display! And it’s weather-proof too! You might well poke them to see if they’re faux or not!


Begonia 'Super Cool'


Where can you plant Begonia ‘Super Cool’?

Well, in case you didn’t know, Begonias are lovers of shade. But, ‘Super Cool’ is more versatile than that, as it’ll also sit happily and bask in the sun! Simply plant into a well-drained soil, or reputable compost mix, and you’ll soon be painting your garden with colour!

But, hey, don’t be boring with your Begonias. Think outside the box, by mixing up with fancy grasses and foliage plants. It’ll look super beaut!


How to grow Begonia ‘Super Cool’:

Flowering time: June to September
Location: Borders, bedding, patio pots
Soil: Any good, well-drained soil
Light: Sun or Part Shade
Hardy: Tender, lift plants if intending to keep
Care: Feed regularly for bumper flowering
Size: 25cm (10″) high x 25cm (10″) in spread


Where can you buy this plant?

You have many choices, garden centres and mail order services offer both as seed and young plants.

Begonia of the Month is sponsored by Benary, the Begonia people. They’re a company based in Germany and who have specialised in Begonias since 1843.

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