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You may have heard us on The Plant Based Podcast, and know we are all about the plants. But, if we are honest, Ellen and I can also be busy people… so we are ALWAYS looking out for shortcuts! Want to know what we know? We’ve put together six of our top hacks in this blog post, to help you save time and money.


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Michael: Easy Plant Re-Potting Hack

When it comes to re-potting plants, bigger specimens can be tricky to handle! Watch this quick video below to see my clever hack… you simply use the old pot as a template within the new pot… Like magic!



Ellen: Takeaway coffee cups

Takeaway coffee cup

Since there is more takeaway than eat in right not, I found a great way to simply reuse coffee cups as a great gardening hack. When you’ve had your coffee buzz or spicy chai latte in the takeaway cup, wash it out so it is perfectly clean. Then fill it up with water and simply use it as an indoor houseplant watering cup. The hole in the lid only is a slow pourer so you won’t be overwatering your plants.


Michael: Go Deep for Sweet Peas!

Sweet pea bouquet

Sweet Peas seem to be the nemesis of many gardeners, but it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s all about the depth, Sweet Peas like deep rooting. So, start off your seeds in old toilet rolls, or specially designed root trainers. Once you plant them out into containers, go deep again, with pots that are deep rather than wide.

Pinch out plants by removing the growing tip once they’re a few inches tall, this is what kickstarts them into more ‘adult growth’… Use an excellent quality compost and water your plants well, especially drying dry periods.

And, to get the most flowers, keep on picking them! Don’t let any blooms run to seed… as soon as that starts, it can be game over for your Sweet Peas. Prevent it at all costs (unless you want to save the seed, but wait til later in the summer for that!).


Ellen: Use your pegs

Wooden pegs

Got some old wooden pegs laying around? Plant labels come in all shapes and sizes – including pegs! Write the plant name on the side of the peg and clip it gently on a sturdy stem so it doesn’t damage the plant. Sustainable, quick and easy plant labelling.


Michael: Anything that goes out, will also go up!

Climbing petunia

I love switching up plant uses, and over the years I’ve been known to encourage trailing plants to climb up canes and obelisks, some prime examples being Petunias and Trailing Geraniums.

I just encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to planting, don’t always do what the books tell you! Follow your own rules, and make your own discoveries! Enjoy!


Ellen: Linen basket for harvests

Linen basket

If you have the same issue as me, this is a great hack! After I’ve harvested my allotment vegetables, washing them in the kitchen gets messy. Grab a bucket and a linen basket. Put the vegetables in the basket, pour water over them and collect the water in the bucket beneath. Reuse the water on the allotment and take home you clean veg.


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