Millions of gardeners grow tomato plants from seed and now it’s possible to make sure that the fruits are bigger and even more tasty by harnessing the power of nature.

An eco-friendly tomato feed

Treating seedlings when they are at the two or three leaf stage with new envii Maximato Xtra over a three week period strengthens the young plants when they are at their most vulnerable. It helps them develop a stronger and more vibrant root system so they can take up more nutrients and moisture from the soil.


envii Maximato Xtra


It contains a complex blend of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi that harnesses the power of nature so that plants achieve their maximum potential – naturally.

envii Maximato Xtra is one of a range of gardening products from envii that are designed to offer British gardeners a unique opportunity to help safeguard the environment and choose products and packaging that are all deliberately designed to minimise pollution.


Tomatoes on vine


There is a ground swell from commercial farmers and growers to embrace new technologies such as bio stimulants and probiotics. Products in the envii brand provide domestic gardeners with the opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in both.

Products are also designed to help gardeners meet the constantly increasing challenges of climate change. They maximise the benefits for plants, soil and gardens whilst consciously minimising the impact on the environment. This is reflected in the company strapline – Go Green with envii.

Strengthening their strapline further, envii continue to review and improve their packaging offering in a bid to reduce the plastic usage in their range. This latest product reduces plastic by up to 92% when comparing it to similar products.



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The founder of envii, Andrew Hiron, is passionate about his products being green. He says: “Commercially, this differentiates us from other products and businesses in the sector. We must be – and want to be – different. The quality of our products and their environmental footprint is what sets us apart. If you are buying products in a supermarket or garden centre, there will have been a massive push to bring the price down.

“We sell only direct to our customers so we can make good, responsible decisions about environmental issues and are not driven to try to save every last decimal point of a penny to improve profit margins and return for investors.”

A 60g pouch of envii Maximato Xtra is sufficient to treat 10 seedlings. It costs £7.99 from

Some extra tips for getting the best out of your tomatoes

There are all sorts of things you can do to grow big and tasty tomatoes, including an eco-friendly nourishing tomato feed. Here are some more tomato growing tips!

  • During mid-February or early March, break up your soil and mix in some compost. You can also mix in a peat moss alternative such as coconut coir. Leave this to settle.
  • Start your seeds in pots. Grow them in a mixture of compost and vermiculite, and add your envii Maximato Xtra. Keep them at a temperature of between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius, ideally.
  • Plant out your seeds once the weather has warmed up – June is a good time (or when the weeds begin to grow again!).
  • Don’t let your tomatoes dry out during growth, but ensure that the soil is not too wet. Add a small amount of feed every time you water your tomatoes.
  • Once the first few flowers appear, pinch them off. After that, trim any excessive growth reguarly. You can pinch off smaller tomatoes too, if you really want just a few really large, juicy tomatoes from your crop.

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