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Some plants certainly have a shelf life when it comes to popularity. We’ve seen many fleeting favourites go in and out of fashion – even over the last few years! But there’s one plant family that gardeners throughout five decades have been happy to spend their pounds on: Begonia Nonstop®.


Begonia Nonstop


Having hit the shelves back in 1972, these plants are older than many of you readers who are only just getting to know them! The Begonia Nonstop® family is known for its vibrant colours and high quality production, brightening up gardens throughout the summer with healthy, full blooms.



There are three collections that you should get to know in 2021: Begonia Nonstop® Green Leaf, Begonia Nonstop® Mocca and Begonia Nonstop® Joy. All three collections comprise tuberous Begonias.

Here’s what you need to know about each collection, and what it can bring to your garden…


Begonia Nonstop® Green Leaf

Begonia Nonstop Green Leaf


The incredible collection features a full-spectrum colour range of 13 shades, with lush green foliage. Ideally suited for 12-13 cm / 6” pots, baskets and the landscape, this is a very versatile collection that will add vivid colour too all areas of your garden.

Like most Begonias, Green Leaf will grow well in partial shade, but they’re also ideal for shady gardens. So if you outdoor space is overlooked or has limited light, these are perfect!


Begonia Nonstop Green Leaf colour range


Begonia Nonstop® Mocca

With its unique colour contrast and high level outdoor performance, Begonia Nonstop® Mocca is the mysterious dark-leaved partner to Nonstop®.

It features the highest transplantable seedlings in the industry, and produces free flowering, strong-branching plants. The collection comprises nine colours and one mix.


Begonia Nonstop Mocca colour range


Begonia Nonstop® Joy

Begonia Nonstop Joy


The compact, semi-trailing Begonia Nonstop®, this collection has satisfied gardeners who have been searching for more colour in this variety!

The collection features five bold colours of truly multi-purpose Begonias, suited to premium patio pots and baskets. With extra large double flowers and a long blooming time, you’ll get ‘joy’ from your garden all summer long.


Begonia Nonstop Joy colour range


where can you buy this plant?

You have many choices; garden centres and mail order services offer both as seed and young plants.

Begonia of the Month is sponsored by Benary, the Begonia people. They’re a company based in Germany and who have specialised in Begonias since 1843.

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