Liquid Terrariums

If you have failed with conventional houseplants (you put them in the wrong room)…

If you have failed with hydroponic plants (you forgot to top up the water)…

If you have failed with air plants (you basically forgot they were there!)…

…Then, I have a solution: submerged plants, the hot new trend for 2021!


Liquid Terrariums


Lee and Jeong run Slow Pharmacy, a plant studio in Seoul, South Korea. The whole ethos of the company is to promote the benefits of slowing down, and they specialise in exclusive planty objects.

Inspired by the traditional herbarium methods, the Slow Pharmacy team have taken it a step further. Plants and flowers are dried, then immersed into a special oil solution, and made airtight. The type of oil mix is a closely-guarded secret, just like the Coca-Cola recipe! 


Slow Pharmacy


The bottled plants are a modern and innovative way to experience nature in your home, and many will see them as less problematic than real houseplants! Furthermore, they are safer for pets and children, and don’t make any mess. 


Liquid Terrariums


The bottles are magnified, so you can see all the minute details on each plant. The mindfulness of admiring your plant specimens will take you to another plane. Plants are fantastic for moral and mental health, and will bring serenity into your home. Place your plant bottle anywhere in the home, you won’t need to worry about them getting enough light! 


Liquid Terrariums


Liquid Terrariums are a unique gift, and everything about them is sustainable, thanks to glass bottles and aluminium caps. It’s the botanical gift that won’t set the recipient into a tailspin of ‘how do I care for this?’ too. A much kinder gift all round, I’d say.


Liquid Terrariums


So, if you’ve tried houseplants, but decided they aren’t for you, then why not give Liquid Terrariums a try? No roots, no watering, no potting, no soil, no fertiliser, and no pet concerns!

Need more convincing? Watch my video below, where i show you the plants up close!



  • Craig

    Hello, Are these available to buy at the moment. Cheers Craig

    July 26, 2021

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