Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel

No need for lab coats or crazy, wild-eyed scientists today. We’re going to explain how simple it is to clone a plant.

Because when you take a cutting, that’s exactly what you are doing.

In fact, without any human intervention whatsoever, nature is always busy cloning. Strawberries send out runners, as do grasses, onions and potatoes. Where the new runner takes root, new life grows. With only one set of DNA involved, the new shoot is actually a cloned plant that is an exact replica of its parent.

So, taking a leaf out of nature’s book, cloning a plant is the simplest way to create a successful specimen. A clone, produced through asexual reproduction, will be a strong plant which grows consistently – exactly as did its parent. Commercial growers use this process to create strong, reliable plants.


Plant cloning

Dipping a snake plant cutting in envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel

So how do we replicate nature?

Although any plant can be cloned, in theory, some lend themselves to the process better than others. It’s logical that a plant with a thicker stem will be more successful, whilst one which is flimsy will not clone well at all. Herbs such as thyme, sage, basil and mint tend to clone very well, as do tomato plants.

A rooting hormone is a substance that helps new roots. The main hormone that a plant produces naturally to develop roots is auxin. However, this hormone is not used efficiently by the plant during clone cultivation since it is broken down quickly when exposed to light.

This is why, when cloning plants for commercial production, it is common for a synthetic rooting hormone to be used.

Stop! It doesn’t have to be synthetic

A new product from envii uses a balanced combination of naturally occurring seaweed and humic acids.


Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel


The seaweed is harvested in Southern Ireland and is environmentally secure and naturally biologically rich in minerals and nutrients. Naturally derived humic acids are a group of molecules that bind to and help cuttings take up nutrients and quickly form root systems. It rapidly seals the wounds where the cutting has been taken, preventing early wilting.


Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel


Because Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel is an entirely natural product, it works in concert with nature, helping the new cuttings to prosper more quickly than chemically based alternatives.

What makes Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel special?

  • All ingredients are organic
  • Highly concentrated, award-winning seaweed
  • Reduces wilting in young cuttings
  • Encourages fast root development
  • Comes in a sustainable packet

A 75ml pouch has a RRP of £7.99 and will treat up to 50 cuttings. Available from envii.co.uk.

about envii

Envii products offer British gardeners the unique opportunity to help safeguard the environment and choose products and packaging that are deliberately designed to eliminate pollution impacts. More and more commercial farmers and growers wish to embrace new technologies such as biostimulants and probiotics. Envii provides domestic gardeners with the opportunity to benefit from the latest advances in both.

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