Spring cleaning is easy inside the home. We know how to vacuum, polish and take old clothes to the dump. However, when it comes to spring cleaning the exterior of the home, where do you start?

It’s amazing just how unclean and untidy a house front can appear to fresh eyes after just a year of neglect. With weeds being left to grow, precipitation leaving marks all over the facade, and wind blowing debris all over the place, a simple spring spruce-up can help you increase your curb appeal in just one weekend. Here’s how to do it.

1. Pressure wash surfaces

Pressure washing seems intimidating, but with the right equipment, it’s very easy – and satisfying! Here’s what you can clean with a pressure washer:

  • Exterior walls
  • Driveway
  • Fencing
  • Walkways
  • Awnings
  • Soffits of the roof
  • Rubbish bins
  • Blocked drains
  • The car

Which pressure washer should I choose?

The Wolf 4×4 Pressure Washer has a super powerful 2000W motor and a maximum 165 BAR of pressure. Easy to maneuver with four swivelling wheels and a six metre long high-pressure hose, you’ll be able to clean any part of your house front. 



Plus it comes supplied with a high-pressure lance, a five-metre long drain cleaning tool, a car and window cleaning brush, and lots more so that you can tailor it to any cleaning task. Blast off dirt, mud and general grime in seconds with this next-level pressure washer, which also features a detergent chamber that works intuitively with the detergent nozzle for a deep clean.



If you’re worried about water usage, this pressure washer will put your mind at ease. It’s conservative on water usage, processing only six litres per minute. Plus, its built-in stopping and starting function allows you to save energy too.

With a special five-metre drain cleaner attachment included in this kit, you can forget the expense and hassle of calling professional drain cleaners. Get the job done quickly and easily all by yourself, with professional and impressive results.

This pressure washer is available now at QVC!


2. Add garden ready spring plants to your pots and borders


If, for whatever reason, you weren’t able to plan your garden in advance this year, don’t fret! Garden ready plants are a lifesaver, and will help you increase the visual appeal of your houseplant in no time.

This is a great time of year for bulb plants and other annuals, and you’ll find them in abundance at garden centres. Go crazy!


3. Give your garage door a lick of paint

Painting the garage

If left for a long time without a fresh coat, the paint on garage doors can fade, leaving your home looking tired. A quick once or twice-over with a paintbrush can make your house appear brand new – plus, it’s a chance for you to pick a colour that suits your personality.

Firstly, pick a day when the weather is dry and the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius, otherwise your paint won’t dry. Then, remove any flaking paint with a scraper and give the whole door a good sand to prime the surface. Clean it down with a cloth/sponge and sugar soap solution. Once dry, place masking tape over any handles or fixtures, then apply a metal primer. Let it dry, then apply your choice of paint!


4. Clean out the gutters

Cleaning the gutters

It’s not difficult to clean gutters, but it will require you to get on a ladder – so be careful and ask someone to watch you, if you need to.

Ideally, clean your gutters at least two days after it has stopped raining. It’ll make the job much easier! Don your gloves, grab a bucket, and clear out as many leaves and as much debris as you can. Then, flush out the gutter with water. If your downspouts are allowing water to flow freely, your job is done. If not, you’ve got a clog, which will require you to use a plumbing snake to unblock the pipe. This is also a great time to install gutter guards.


5. Clear up weeds and dead foliage


It’s easy to let weeds take over in the front garden. After all, they can be sneaky and grow out of sight, such as on paths or next to your driveway.

You can either get on your hands and knees and spend a couple of hours digging them out, or use a natural weed killer like Richard Jackson’s Weedkiller Concentrate to do the hard work for you! After that, give your garden a quick rake and sweep as the finishing touch to all your hard work. You can also contact a London rubbish removal company for a hassle-free way to clear all debris and rubbish quickly.

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