Things that go better together

There are many things in life that work well on their own, like Harry Styles or bacon sandwiches. However, there are many more things that are better in pairs, or complemented by another thing. In fact, I can think of 50!

  1. Double Cocoon Chair

Whether you’re curling up with your partner, a furry friend, or you just want a big chair all to yourself, sitting in the Eleanor Double Hanging Cocoon chair is the perfect way to spend an evening in the garden.


Double Cocoon Chair


It’s created in high-grade aluminium and steel with faux rattan ropework, with plush, removable deep-filled cushions. Designed to seat two, it has a gentle sway on sprung attachments that make the chair not just comfortable, but relaxing and fun. If entertaining is on your list of must-dos this summer, then take note – your friends and loved ones are sure to arrive early to bag their place on the Cocoon chair too!


His isn’t just a chair to bring out on a sunny day. Its high quality materials mean that it’s weather-proof and is perfectly fine to be left outside on a rainy day – just bring the cushions inside! If you want to store the chair during winter, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s fully collapsible and folds down into a compact size.


This stylish Cocoon chair is available in a choice of two neutral colours: dark grey or mocha. Plus, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it will look as good on your deck or patio as it will in your conservatory. Available at QVC!

  1. Gin and tonic

Not just the Queen’s favourite anymore – gin and tonic is the drink of the nation!

  1. Chopsticks


What’re you going to do with just one? Spear your food?

  1. Princess Leia’s buns

This iconic hairstyle might look a bit lopsided if there were only one.

  1. Magpies

One for sorrow, two for joy – as the saying goes!

  1. Twix bars

Because once you’ve eaten one, you have to have another.

  1. Dioecious plants

Coco de mer

These plants have either male or female parts on each plant – not both. Lodoicea, or coco de mer, is one example!

  1. Shoes

Because both feet need to stay warm and dry. This goes the same for socks, too!

  1. Magnets

There’s never been a better attraction.

  1. Eyes

Apart from just one species, most animals have two eyes. The only naturally one-eyed animal is a small crustacean from the copepod family!

  1. Gloves


…Unless you’re Michael Jackson.

  1. Tea and biscuits

Just don’t dunk them for too long.

  1. Front teeth

*sings* All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.

  1. Lungs


Self-explanatory, really.

  1. Clackers

These toys, popular in the 60s and 70s, were made up of two plastic balls on a string. Without two balls, they couldn’t make their infamous clacking noise, could they?

  1. Saturday and Sunday

Even better when accompanied by a bank holiday!

  1. Burgers and chips

Burger and chips

Who else is guilty of filling themselves up with the chips first?

  1. Thunder and lightning

It’s always a bit confusing when you see/hear one without the other!

  1. Romeo and Juliet

Perhaps the most famous romantic duo?

  1. Ben & Jerry

Another famous duo – but one who makes delicious ice cream.

  1. Knitting needles

Knitting needles

Without two, it’s just crochet.

  1. Cinema and popcorn

Who sits down to watch a new film without a snack in hand?

  1. Headlights

It’s a little bit illegal if one isn’t working…

  1. Skis


One ski does not a snowboard make.

  1. Salt and vinegar

Crips, chips, popcorn… so many taty possibilities.

  1. Wings

If birds had just one wing, would they fly around in circles?

  1. Thelma and Louise

The ultimate runaways.

  1. Scissors


You always need a pair!

  1. Christmas and snow

It never happens in the UK, but we never stop dreaming about it.

  1. Binoculars

A monocular works just as well, but you don’t want to get wrinkles from scrunching up one eye.

  1. Law & Order

Law or Order doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  1. Animals on Noah’s Ark

Noah's ark illustration

If there weren’t two of each, who would repopulate the animal kingdom?

  1. Strawberries and cream

A Wimbledon favourite.

  1. Campfires and ghost stories

There’s nothing better than getting scared out of your mind while sitting round a campfire in the middle of nowhere…

  1. Nostrils

Cow nose

Otherwise, delicious plants such as Daphne Perfume Princess wouldn’t smell as sweet!

  1. Father Christmas and Mrs Clause

Guess how elves are made…

  1. Tennis players

Hitting a ball to yourself is half as fun and twice as tiring.

  1. Zeros and ones

Binary code

The very first computers used binary – and it’s still very much in use today.

  1. Bookends

It’d be annoying if your books kept toppling over.

  1. Tweezers

Hacking at your eyebrow hairs with one side of a pair of tweezers spells disaster.

  1. Bicycle wheels


Unicycling is just too much effort.

  1. Curtains

If you had just one curtain, would you pull it over one side of your window? Or hang it in the middle?

  1. Buy one get one free

Everyone loves a freebie.

  1. Knife and fork

Knife and fork

If you had to pick one to eat with for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

  1. Lock and key

How else would you store your deepest, darkest secrets?

  1. Handcuffs

I don’t want to know what you get up to in your spare time, thank you.

  1. Cheese and wine

Cheese and wine

Is there any other way to end a meal?

  1. Twins

Another no-brainer.

  1. Rock and roll

Would Elvis still be classed as ‘The King’ if this genre didn’t exist?

  1. Husband and wife / husband and husband / wife and wife

Wedding rings

…Although I’m going to start a petition to make marrying oneself legal.


What else do you think goes better together or in pairs? Let me know in the comments below!

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