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Going back to our roots

Many of us spend so much time primping and adoring the bits of our plants we can see above the soil, that we forget the powerhouse of the plant, which is the root system, buried out of sight.

At this time of year, gardens will be getting established for the summer bloom. So, let’s get it right for the roots.


Parsley roots


If you want your plants’ root systems to thrive, avoid the five following gardening mistakes:

  1. Cold shock: Did you know that even lower temperatures that aren’t below freezing can hurt a tender plant? This is especially true if you don’t harden off seedlings you’ve raised indoors. If you wait until the soil warms up, you’ll avoid giving your plants a hard shock.
  2. Tough love: Manhandling a plant by uprooting it aggressively could cause harm. If you do need to move your plant, be gentle and retain as much of the surrounding root-bound soil as you can.
  3. Cramming in too many plants: All plants have different root systems – some are larger than others. But all plants need room to grow below the soil. Two or three large plants, placed close together to make a border look full, will mean roots get tangled and steal nutrients from each other.
  4. Under and over watering: If you have moved a plant, it will be in at least some degree of shock and will need a regular drink to recover. Imagine the roots being able to sip on a drink at will, rather than experiencing drought then deluge. Over watering a plant can cause root rot if the soil is not free draining.
  5. A change in the light: A sudden change from a shady spot to harsh sunlight or vice versa will cause shock to the plant. You’ll see it struggling above the surface, but the root system will be struggling too.

Your roots will love Envii Foundation


envii Foundation


This new product from Envii will help ensure your precious plants have a firm foundation in life. Envii Foundation is an organic soil conditioner that uses bacillus subtilis for plants rather than mycorrhizal fungi to help develop a strong root structure.


Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis \ by Riraq25 \ CC BY-SA 3.0


Whilst mycorrhizal fungi will symbiotically work with a plant’s root system to enhance growth and strength, bacillus subtilis is more stable. Think of bacteria being concrete foundations and mycorrhizal being wooden.

This eco product dramatically increases plant survival rates by creating a bacterial forcefield around the root system. The bacillus subtilis for plants colonise the roots and help build resilience against harmful pathogens. They will also help to improve plant growth as they can help the plant’s roots access more nutrients and water.

Envii Foundation will be a real asset at this time of year, when planting out seedlings or plug plants, as they are still in the early stages of growth and a strong foundation can be encouraged.

Supplied in a 100g packet and capable of treating up to 20 plants, Envii Foundation reduces plastic waste by up to 96% compared to a comparable bottle. It should be sprinkled into the planting hole and then around the base of the plant when it has three leaves or more showing. Then sprinkle an additional scoop around the plant at weeks four and week eight.

What makes Envii Foundation special?

    • Improves plant uptake of nutrients
    • Contains only organic ingredients
    • Builds resilience against plant diseases
    • Includes seaweed to feed plants
    • Comes in a sustainable packet

Envii Foundation costs £7.99 and is available from www.envii.co.uk

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    How would you say this compares to Rootboost?

    May 2, 2021

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