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Big, healthy plants – that’s all we want, right? And is it really too much to ask? I’m sure many of your reading this will have tried out a whole host of different products on your plants to encourage that juicy voluptuous look, but trial and error can be a tiring process. I’m here to tell you that there are only two products you need to make your plants super happy – and they’re both available at a bargain price on QVC.

Richard Jackson’s Flower Power Premium Plant Food

Flower Power Root Booster


This cult product is a high potash plant food is a firm favourite of many gardeners. For you beginner gardeners, ‘high potash’ means high potassium – potassium not only gives plants the power to produce more flowers or an excellent crop, but also toughens them up Vin Diesel-style and makes them resistant to diseases and pests.

This plant food does all of these things and more, and can be used on all plants – both indoors and outdoors. It’s a must-have product; but don’t just take it from me! Flower Power-fed plants have actually won Gold Medals and First Prizes at major flower shows, including Chelsea.

And this isn’t just for the pros. I asked lovely QVC customers to share their Flower Power photos on Facebook and Twitter – and they really delivered! Here are some of their best shots:


Flower Power

Diana E. – ‘Use Flower Power for all that grows in the garden and home. Put a little in cut flower water too. You really can see the difference when you use it. With the young plug plants that come through the post looking a bit bedraggled, little bit of feed and within days they look bigger and stronger. I think it’s expensive but it goes along way. It’s worth every penny. Veg and salad looks amazing too.’


Flower Power

Hope D. – ‘I use a lot of Richard’s products. This was the first time I grew begonias last year, with help from Flower Power.’


Flower Power

Terry N. – ‘I feed all my plants with Flower Power, cannot believe how long they last.’


Flower Power

Nick L. – ‘This is my hosta fed with Flower Power. I wouldn’t use anything else.’


Flower Power

Donna B. – ‘This stuff is awesome. Got my gardening friend addicted too. Here’s some spring flowers I cut from my garden, all fed with Flower Power. Note the pink hue in the water. It’s Flower Power. Perfect to help them last even longer. I’ve never gardened until early Summer last year and I’m growing loads of fruit on the patio plus a luscious array of blooms in the borders.’


Richard Jackson’s Root Booster

What’s the secret to award-winning plants? An excellent root system. And there’s no better product to deliver this than Richard Jackson’s Root Booster. Another ever-popular product fromt his fantastic gardening brand, Root Booster is a 100% natural product that utilises a unique blend of three special ingredients to encourage root development, which helps grow stronger and healthier plants.

These three ingredients are naturally occurring humates (which absorb lost nutrients from watering and redistribute them into the plants), naturally occurring mycorrhizal fungi (which help the roots absorb more water and nutrients), and natural starter fertiliser (to help roots establish faster).

Again, QVC’s fabulous customers shared their Root Booster pics – and here they are:


Root Booster

Hope D. – ‘Have been using it for just over 3 years, from when I moved into my new home. It was the first time I owned a garden so bought RJ products from QVC.’


Root Booster

Tess W. – ‘Been using it for past few years. All new plants are planted with it. I’m positive it’s made my plants stronger and healthier.’


Root Booster

Una B. – ‘Use it with everything I grow.’


So now that you’ve heard from real gardeners, have we convinced you to take the dive and give your plants the boost they’re aching for this summer? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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