Portable rocking chair

Summer in the garden is its own unique experience. We all look forward to sitting outside with a cool drink, basking in the sun and admiring all our hard work during the spring. In fact, as the weather this past few months has been a let-down, I’m yearning for a long, lazy summer that I can enjoy in my garden doing just that. However, while this is my dream scenario already, it would be made even better by a bit of furniture that I never knew I needed – until now.

5 ways a rocker chair will take your garden up a notch

…But not just any rocker chair! The GCI Outdoor Freestyle PRO Rocker Chair is the must-have rocker chair for gardens and more. It has so many features that make sitting in it so enjoyable. Read on to find out what they are!


Portable rocker chair

1. A comfy seating solution for you and your guests

This rocker chair is SO comfy, with padded armrests, a vented mesh back and the ability to support up to 300lb in weight. Plus, if these features weren’t enough, it also has spring-action, smooth rocking technology – it could send you to sleep if you’re relaxed enough!

Inviting guests over for a spot of lunch in the garden? They’ll love sitting in this rocker chair! You won’t even have to ask them if they’re comfy – you’ll just know by the content look on their face!


Portable rocker chair

2. Suitable for gentle exercise programmes

Whether you’ve been prescribed or advised to undertake a rocker chair exercise programme, or you just want to start engaging in gentle exercise, this sturdy rocker chair is ideal for keeping up your fitness. The gentle sway, powered by your legs, will keep those muscles working while you’re seated, taking tension off your knees.


Portable rocker chair

3. Portability

This chair is so easy to fold up – it’s as quick as 1, 2, 3! If you need to move it around your garden to catch the sun, you can easy pick it up and shift it, with a total weight of 12lb. It’s just as easy to store too; thanks to it non-bulky size and shape, it can easily slot into a shed or storage space while not in use.

You can also take this chair on holiday, to festivals, or even just to sit at the beach or in the park. It can go anywhere with you – just stick it in the car boot and off you go!


Portable rocker chair

4. Colour choices for your garden

Nobody likes it when their garden furniture doesn’t match! Luckily, this chair is available in three different colourways from QVC: grey, blue and cinnamon. Pick which colour takes your fancy, or coordinate with your existing gardening furniture.


Portable rocker chair

5. Convenient storage

If you don’t have a surface nearby, it can be impractical to keep getting up to use your phone or grab your drink. As an extremely convenient feature, this rocker chair has side pockets to store drinks, phones and other items that we need to keep nearby and accessible.

Where to buy

This multi-feature rocker chair is available now at QVC. Keep an eye out on the QVC channel or visit the website to buy yours!


Would you get this chair for yourself or as a gift for someone else? Let me know in the comments section below!

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