When you imagine a succulent, you probably think of small, rosette-like growth patterns and easy-care maintenance routines; the majority of the succulents you see in shops and even see in your mind are Euphorbia, aka Spurges. This genus of plant is extremely diverse, with over 2,000 species holding the name and 1,200 of those being classified as succulents. Hailing from almost every continent in the world, these beautiful plants can range from tiny little sprouts, all the way to massive shrubs as large as a person! A Euphorbia can be anything from the stout Sausage Spurge to the round Baseball Cactus (although it is actually a succulent); however, the most recognizable Euphorbia in the world may surprise you – it’s the poinsettia made popular by the holiday season!


How to Grow Euphorbia

Flowering time: there are over 1,200 species of Euphorbia succulents, so while the Spring and Summer are the best time to see yellow or red blooms, most varieties are likely to never flower in their lifetime. Your best chance at seeing your Euphorbia’s flowers is to give it as much full sun and as you possibly can.

Location: anywhere with bright, direct light – some species can even withstand the cold!

Soil: use a sandy, cactus or succulent mix that has plenty of drainage.

Light: bright, direct light with occasional indirect sunlight.

Water: most Euphorbia are not very needy when it comes to moisture, so water yours when the top five centimeters feel dry and decrease your schedule in the Wintertime when they go dormant, letting them completely dry out in between watering.

Care: mostly low-maintenance and easy to care for but this can depend on the particular species.


Euphorbia candelabrum

Euphorbia candelabrum trees typically grow to be 12 metres in height however some specimens have been recorded to grow up to 20 metres tall. [Haplochromis, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Plants of the Euphorbia genus are typically incredibly easy to care for, preferring to grow in a succulent mix of soil so its roots have plenty of room to breathe. Oftentimes, these succulents are very self-sufficient, requiring little human intervention to thrive in a space. In fact, the most common killer of a Euphorbia is too much care (especially in the water department), so know that its okay to practice restraint with your own Spurge.




Most Euphorbia succulents are easy going, so once you place it in a good location in your home, there’s not much that you’ll need to do to get yours to thrive. Find a location that receives mostly super bright, direct sun throughout the day, or supplement it with a grow light, especially in the darker months. A Euphorbia should be watered when the top several centimeters of soil feel dry, but if you’re unsure if it’s the right time, waiting a for more days rarely hurts. Add a water-soluble fertilizer solution once or twice through the growing season and watch your new favorite succulent grow!




Where can you find a Euphorbia of your own?

Each species of the Euphorbia genus, while somewhat similar in appearance, is unique in its care needs and preferences. At Pretty Cactus, we carry a wide variety of succulents, including a few Euphorbia and can recommend care requirements and guidelines for each. Every plant we bring into our store is carefully chosen in small batches for their health, rarity, and beauty by the local nurseries we trust to source from. Because of the one-of-a-kind look to these plants, we also carry gorgeous pots to perfectly match any spineless cactus you bring into your home.

Pretty Cactus Plants ( currently has stock of these fun and quirky houseplants and can be ordered online for direct delivery to your door!


Pretty Cactus is run by Donna and her lovely team from the shop in Brooke, South Norfolk.

Donna started the business in 2018, growing a passion into a business. Donna had always been a plant lover, spending hours in the garden centre and DIY stores picking up sad and reduced pants – nursing them back to health. The homegrown plants were sold at country fayres and craft markets. Before long, Donna was so busy she decided to give up her corporate job and run Pretty Cactus as a full-time venture. Opening her very first shop and website to sell online.

Donna now works with a team or growers and distributors in the UK and Holland to source plants, trying, where possible to get hold of more unusual cacti, succulents, and houseplants.

Donna and the Pretty Cactus team are always looking for new ways to style plants. Displaying these ideas in the shop and on Social Media. The Pretty Cactus shop has become an inspirational hub for plant lovers near and far who love to visit the store for ideas, plants, pots, and a bit of friendly plant chat too.


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