Geranium Dreamland

Geraniums are notoriously long-flowering, with most varieties lasting from late spring to autumn if cut back hard after the first round of blooms begin to die off in summer. However, a variety that’s long-flowering, prolific and has the RHS’ approval when it comes to benefiting pollinators? It must be Geranium Dreamland!


How to grow Geranium Dreamland

Flowering time: May – September

Location: In beds and borders as ground cover, underplanting for roses, or in containers

Soil: Will tolerate most soils, but fertile, well-draining soil is best

Light: Full sun or partial shade

Water: Water regularly throughout the summer

Care: Geraniums are known for requiring little care, and are forgiving if neglected a little

Size: Height and spread of 30 – 45cm


Geranium Dreamland

How was this plant created?

Geranium Dreamland was created by Alan Bremner in the Orkney Isles, Scotland, in 1998. Known for raising some of the best sterile hardy Geraniums around, Alan often prefixes his hybrids with ‘Orkney’, for example Geranium ‘Orkney Cherry’. However, his best plants are given truly individual titles – one being Dreamland, said to be his ‘dream’ Geranium.

After discovering Dreamland, the plant then went through five years of trialling in The Netherlands, where it was deemed highly productive, reliable, hardy and long-blooming.


Geranium Dreamland

What’s different about this plant?

Dubbed a breakthrough in breeding, Geranium Dreamland pairs green/grey foliage (which comes from Geranium traversii) with charming soft pink blooms. 

Flowering throughout summer, the plant has received the RHS Plants for Pollinators certification, which means that it’s perfect for attracting bees and other pollinating insects to your garden.


Geranium Dreamland

Where can you plant Geranium Dreamland?

A low-growing plant, Geranium Dreamland works well as ground cover in beds and borders, spilling out onto paths or softening the edges of lawns. Grow it under well-spaced roses to fill in gaps and create a lush display – even better if the roses are pink too!

Alternatively, grow these pretties in a container and admire them as they cascade over the sides.


Geranium Dreamland

Where can you buy this plant?

You can find Geranium Dreamland at RHS Plants and Crocus in the UK.

Plant of the Month is sponsored by Plantipp, a company based in The Netherlands who handle the introduction of new plants into Europe.

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  • Jane

    Dreamland is so lovely that I intend to plant it. Thank you for sharing it with us. . . I have a small ‘plant rant’ to make. I wish that growers, nurseries, etc., would stop simply saying “attractive to bees.” Many plants may attract bees but do they go the distance and provide nectar for the bees and pollen to be transferred? Gardeners could be making more informed planting choices for their garden and wildlife if they understood this. While I appreciate your stating that some of the grower’s geraniums are sterile, nothing was said pertaining to Dreamland. I don’t have a full handle on all this yet myself but making the distinction seems important–at least when it pertains to bees. Could you comment a little further on this? Thanks.

    June 7, 2021

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