Iris varieties

Irises really make me go ‘oooh!’, so much so that I was ridiculously excited to visit Seagate Nurseries to see their on-fleek beds! I highly recommend a visit to their gardens – you won’t regret it.


Michael Perry - Iris Garden


Below are 20 of my favourite varieties that I spotted at Seagate Nurseries. Try these out in your garden next summer for lots of intrigue in your beds and borders!


Iris Ancient Echoes

  1. Iris ‘Ancient Echoes’

So exotic looking! These Iris feature yellow gold fuzzy beards and deep red falls with a tawny border.


Iris ‘Banish Misfortune’

  1. Iris ‘Banish Misfortune’

A very classic-looking Iris. Bluebird blue with darker veins and Lobelia blue falls. The remainder of the flower is a dark, soft yellow.


Iris ‘Benton Cordelia’

  1. Iris ‘Benton Cordelia’

Pale candyfloss pink with a bright orange beard – like an early sunset!


Iris ‘Berlin Tiger’

  1. Iris ‘Berlin Tiger’

A pseudacorus with striking yellow flowers and heavy brown veins.


Iris ‘Blenheim Royal’

  1. Iris ‘Blenheim Royal’

Exquisitely ruffled in an all-over royal purple with a cream beard.


Iris ‘Bumblebee Deelite’

  1. Iris ‘Bumblebee Deelite’

Striking, light yellow standard with a vibrantly contrasting deep purple base, and a dusky purple fall. Aren’t these so fun?!


Iris ‘Burnt Toffee’ 

  1. Iris ‘Burnt Toffee’ 

Light chocolate-coloured standards, flushed with blue lavender, and richer chocolate falls.


Iris ‘Cameo Wine’

  1. Iris ‘Cameo Wine’

Soft rose pink standards with deep pink falls, darkening towards hafts. Complemented with a brown-tangerine beard.


Iris ‘Cherub’s Smile’

  1. Iris ‘Cherub’s Smile’

Pure flamingo pink all over with a sunset pink beard. So dainty!


Iris ‘Codicil’

  1. Iris ‘Codicil’

Soothing and tranquil-looking, these soft, billowy mid-blue Irises feature an almost-black beard and slightly darker blue veins.


Iris ‘Concertina’

  1. Iris ‘Concertina’

A truly mesmerising soft pink flower with contrasting lilac-blue beards. This would make any passer-by stop and stare!


Iris ‘Deep Dark Space’

  1. Iris ‘Deep Dark Space’

Richer-than-rich standards and falls with ball gown-like mega ruffles.


Iris ‘Domino Noir’

  1. Iris ‘Domino Noir’

A seriously eye-catching combination of white-lavender standards and purple-black falls with a gold mini beard.


Iris ‘Gallant Moment’

  1. Iris ‘Gallant Moment’

Like a glass of red wine, this Iris features velvety red-brown standards and falls. These deep colours contrast with a yellow gold beard.


Iris ‘Huckleberry Fudge’

  1. Iris ‘Huckleberry Fudge’

This unusual Iris looks a bit like those boxes of fudge you get on holiday! It features warm, chocolate brown standards, and the same colour blending into white and violet on the falls – plus a mustard-toned beard.


Iris ‘Kissing Circle’

  1. Iris ‘Kissing Circle’

Deep-violet-to-white standards and falls, creating a head-turning contrast.


Iris ‘Lady Friend’

  1. Iris ‘Lady Friend’

Like a blush in a flower! This Iris features garnet-red-to-burnt-orange standards and falls with a tomato-coloured beard.


Iris ‘Local Color’

  1. Iris ‘Local Color’

Mysterious but fun, Local Color is a showstopper with violet standards, purple-black-to-violet falls and a bright orange beard.


Iris ‘Old Black Magic’

  1. Iris ‘Old Black Magic’

The closest black you’ll likely ever find, this Iris features a truly deep all-over black-purple with a burnt yellow beard.


Iris ‘Tomorrow’s Child’

  1. Iris ‘Tomorrow’s Child’

A jewel in the garden, Tomorrow’s Child has beautiful pastel pink standards and iridescent violet falls with pink borders. The tangerine-red beard is the cherry on top!


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