Flower Trials 2021

As you may know, the Flower Trials is a huge event showcasing new varieties from breeders around the world. No fewer than 60 Pot and Bedding Plant breeders showed their innovations during this year’s virtual exhibition, from bedding, to container, to indoor plants!

To celebrate this year’s exhibition, I’ve put together a round-up of the plants that you need to get to know now – before they hit the shelves and sell out! This is the place where trends are made, so read carefully…


Hanging basket hydrangea

Hydrangea hanging basket

Hydrangeas for your hanging baskets?! These two new types (HABA Pink and HABA Soft Pink, or HABA Purple and HABA Soft Blue for blue hydrangea lovers) are vigorous and have good branching. Perfect for tumbling over the sides of baskets.



Limonium Dazzle Rocks


A compact habit and large amount of flowers per stem, Limonium DAZZLE ROCKS shines in the garden from early summer to autumn. Place it in full sun – it’s heat and drought tolerant!


Begonia Nonstop

Nonstop® Joy – Begonia tuberhybrida F1

This semi-trailing tuberous Begonia looks wonderful in containers, basket and more. It features extra large double flowers and blooms all summer long in an abundance of shades.



Euphorbia Milii Maxi Pink Cadillac

Euphorbia Milii – Maxi Pink Cadillac

Who doesn’t know Euphorbia milii? This flowering succulent probably stood in the windowsill of your grand parents. Green plants, succulents and cacti are trendy for years now and the hype is here to stay. Plants that are easy to care for are in great demand, especially with the younger generation. Euphorbia milii fits in this trend perfectly. It’s low in maintenance and it’s adding cute flowers to the game. Pictured here is Maxi Pink Cadillac, one of the newest varieties selected for its compact growth, good branching and strong colour.





This potato is a must-have for all types of gardens, whether that’s a balcony, terrace or large garden! It’s robust and disease-resistant, as well as quick-growing and reliable!



Hassinger Cocoon Orchids

Hassinger Cocoon Orchids®

Cocoon Orchids® provide perfect conditions for very unusual orchids with special climatic requirements. They are planted in cork substratum in accordance to their natural, epiphytic way of growth. A layer of gravel filled with water provides an ideal humidity inside and cools the plant which allows plants to be successfully grown on a desk or window sill. Orchids harmonize the interior and provide wellbeing. The choice is very diverse, from known hybrids to rare botanical varieties.



Sundaville® Flamingo Pink

Sundaville® Flamingo Pink

The Sundaville® Flamingo Pink is new on the market since 2021. The plant has special pink coloured flowers and flowers optimally until the first frost. It’s also a very grateful plant and requires almost no care.



Bush Zest

Bush Zest

A totally new yellow variety to substitute the already well-known bonanza! Shorter, brighter, bushier and most important: earlier and massive flowering! Everything was improved in this variety but the ‘wow’ effect remained the same! Easier and faster to grow, and easier to maintain, with big bright yellow flowers on shorter stems.



Pot Potato 'Adessa®' F1

Pot Potato ‘Adessa®’ F1

The ‘Adessa’ is perfect for potted potatoes grown by hobby gardeners. It’s high yielding, with elongated, yellow-fleshed tubers, and remains firm after cooking.



Garden Celosia XXL

Garden Celosia XXL

Create the ultimate holiday feeling in your own garden during late summer and autumn with the new XXL Celosia! The XXL series is available in three beautiful warm colours: Purple, Orange and Red. Its large, striking, plume-like inflorescences are a real eye-catcher in your garden or a in nice large container on your patio.



Alfresco vegetables


This is a new concept for hobby vegetables and herbs. Alfresco consists of a wide range of grafted and non-grafted hobby vegetables and herbs, including carrot, courgette and aubergine.



GOLF™ Beauty Improved | Craspedia
The newly improved GOLF™ Beauty has more vigor and flower power with increased ease of rooting under any light condition. This unique plant, with its golf ball-shaped bright yellow blooms, is a true attention grabber. GOLF Beauty works well as a stand-alone potted item, offers a unique upright center in combinations and is a striking plant for garden beds.



Begonia Bossa Nova® Night Fever Rosso

Begonia Bossa Nova® Night Fever Rosso
The Bossa Nova family is growing and the latest addition for 2021 is possibly the most striking! Night Fever Rosso joins Papaya as the second variety in the Night Fever series, which has all of the flower power you would expect from Bossa Nova Begonias, but with beautifully contrasting dark foliage.



Kalanchoë series

Kalanchoë series

The Rosalina™ series is composed of double-flowered cultivars but with the classic Kalanchoë leaf shape. This series is distinguished by the perfect balance between its large number of buds and its compact habit.

Meanwhile, new in the field of flowering outdoor plants is Gardenlina™, a specially selected outdoor plant. The characteristics of this plant result in it being very strong and colourful by nature.



Tutti Frutti F1 Deep Red Desire

Tutti Frutti F1 Deep Red Desire

Deep Red Desire Raisin is an up-growing in-determinate tomato for the professional and home grower. The fruits are extremely sweet, and grow in bunches of 15-19 fruits. The unique addition of this variety is that you do not have to harvest them. They turn into a raisin on the vine which can be used for snacks and unique refreshments!


x Petchoa hybrida BEAUTICAL®

x Petchoa hybrida BEAUTICAL®
Incredibly weather tolerant and with exceptional rain resistance, BeautiCal’s mounded plants produce an abundance of large flowers which give a mass of colour all summer long. Less sticky, non smelling and self cleaning, it is the perfect Petunia!



The unique Prospera® F1 P4 & P5

Prospera® F1 P4 & P5

These two new Genovese F1 basils contain the unique downy mildew (peronospera belbahrii) resistance. Next to this unique resistance, the aromatic flavour and oil profile is comparable to standard Genovese Basil, giving it a very good taste and making it versatile in use. Both varieties are bred for potted production and stay naturally compact.



Petunia Crazytunia Pink Flamingo

Petunia Crazytunia Pink Flamingo
Crazytunia is the Petunia brand known around the world for the unique colours and novelty patterns. This year brings with it several new varieties, including the exciting and fun Pink Flamingo. With bright pink blooms with a yellow star pattern, these robust plants will provide a visual treat in the garden all season long.



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