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I can’t extoll the virtues of lasagne planting enough – this method of bulb planting involves layering bulbs for beautiful flowers that bloom one after the other, so that you can enjoy colour all season long. Check out my lasagne planting tutorial at the bottom of this blog post to see exactly what it entails!



But which bulbs do you plant in order to achieve this effect? First of all, there are two main types of flowering bulbs: spring and summer. It is best to confine one type of bulb to one pot so that your bulbs flower exactly when you want them to, rather than being a bit of a mess. If you want to find out what to plant this autumn, then read my tips below for the best lasagne planting format using spring bulbs!

Your lasagne planting spring bulb recipe

Grab a large pot – here’s what to plant in a spring bulb container, lasagne style!

From bottom to top:

Alliums Purple Sensation

This is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant plant that produces stunning purple flowers in star shapes on sturdy stems. Growing to a maximum height of 1m, these are ideal for placing at the bottom of your lasagne so that they grow through the soil, past the other bulbs, and bloom out the top.

Tulip Pink Giant

These buxom tulips produce great, Peony-shaped flowers in a bold pink shade, and really draw the eye to pots and borders! Growing to a height of around 45cm, they’re ideal for planting above alliums in your lasagne formation.

Hyacinth Rhapsody in Blue

This collection features a mix of cool-toned Hyacinths, from icy blue to dark indigo! Mix and match the different shades for an all-round eye catching display when planted as part of a lasagne container. These will grow to around 20cm in height.

Narcissus Tête à Tête

The classic daffodil in dwarf size! Each stem can bear up to three flowers, producing a mass of golden yellow in your container. A very dependable bulb, these will grow to around 15cm in height – much smaller than a regular-sized daffodil, but just as impactful!


A much-remarked upon sign of early spring, the arrival of crocus flowers is always a welcome one. You can find crocus in a range of colours, including white, purple and even sunny yellow! These small flowers will grow to a miniature stature of just 14cm.

Anemone Blanda

Anemones are sometimes forgotten about when bulb shopping, but if you need something beautiful to finish off your lasagne planting formation, then Anemone Blanda is the bulb for you. Producing daisy-like flowers in blue, pink and purple, these plants are ideal for attracting eager pollinators!

How to nail your spring bulb garden in one go

Tulip garden

Image c/o Pixabay


It’s all well and good understanding which bulbs flower when, but then you’ve got to shop around for the best bulb deals – and we all know how long that can take!

There are lots of bulb collections that comprise a range of different bulbs that can create an amazing spring display, saving you time, money and effort. Try looking for these at QVC or your local garden centres.

Are you ready to get lasagne planting? Send me a photo of your spring bulbs in bloom @mr_plantgeek!

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