Hampton Court 2021

I attended Hampton Court’s incredible comeback show after a year off due to the pandemic, firstly to deliver my Weird & Wacky Plants Show to an audience of weird plant lovers, but also to look at the fabulous new and notable plants that make the flower show what it is.

There were many exciting plants on show, but here are 14 that really caught my eye:


Hampton Court 2021

Rose Hot Chocolate

The colours on this Rose are amazing, every time I see it I’m just enthralled. It’s not even particularly new, but it is of note. Do you know what, I didn’t even smell it, I was so busy looking at it LOL!

Hot Chocolate… Makes me fancy one.


Hampton Court 2021

Diascia ‘Hopleys’

How did I get to the grand old age of 41 and not know about this amazing plant? It’s very unlike the usual basket Diascia, this variety is three feet in height! I have to buy some, immediately.


Hampton Court 2021

Dahlia ‘Christopher Taylor’

I was at the Hardy’s Plants stand for a press call, but my attention was drawn to this amazing waterlily Dahlia in the borders! The colour has to be seen to be believed, it’s a really luminous red, and I’m sure it glows in the dark!


Hampton Court 2021

Phalaenopsis ‘Las Vegas’

I think high-quality, named orchids are the next big thing. This mini beauty has very unique, gold bullion blooms. It’s a Phalaenopsis and you can’t fail to love… see what I did there?!


Hampton Court 2021

Phalaenopsis ”Liodoro’

Okay, you need to stop and smell this particular orchid; it is one of very few Phalaenopsis orchids with fragrance. Just like Las Vegas, I think these niche orchids are the next big thing in houseplants.


Hampton Court 2021

Allium ‘Art’

Ooooh, just when we thought we had seen it all, we had a variety Mohican, then Hair, and now we have Art. It is bed head hair, for sure! What a fantastic addition to borders.


Hampton Court 2021

Tiarella ‘Timbuktu’

I think Tiarella will overtake Heuchera in the next couple of years as the focus shifts to their exotic foliage, coupled with striking blooms. What a spectacle for a shady corner.


Hampton Court 2021

Sambucus ‘Instant Karma’

I asked if this was a dwarf variety of Sambucus, and the owner said “‘not at all”. Well, looks are deceiving, but either way I’d take the bull by the horns and plant it, purely for that sexy variegated leaf!


Hampton Court 2021

Hemerocallis ‘American Revolution’

Day lilies are so cool, and you can eat them too, imagine this one stuffed with ricotta! They are tough and resilient, and could even survive if you sat on them. Flowering for months on end, and looking pretty good all year round too!


Hampton Court 2021

Echeveria ‘Etna’

And the prize for the most ugly plant goes to, Etna. Although, beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. This super succulent is not necessarily new, but one that I want to buy ASAP.


Hampton Court 2021

Begonia ‘China Curl’

I have mixed success with begonias, although I can’t resist having a go. I think this one would be happy; it’s not a diva like luxurians, I’m sure of it. Might give it a go, another one for the shopping basket.


Hampton Court 2021

Heuchera ‘Pinky Panky’

Flipping heck, sometimes a plant just amazes you. This Heuchera is a total colour break in my eyes, and think about how you could use it in your annual pots, not just in borders with perennials… ooooh!


Hampton Court 2021

Streptocarpus ‘Roulette Cherry’

I don’t think these plants get enough love, and now I’ve worked out how to water them successfully, I’m super happy to embrace them. Streptocarpus for the win!


Hampton Court 2021

Potentilla x tonguei

My brain is always whirring, and I was thinking how you could use this perennial in hanging baskets. Wouldn’t it look great? Copy me. Immediately!


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  • Compost happens

    Although the Potentilla is hardy to zone 4 in USA it would not survive in a hanging basket over the winter. It would look nice cascading over a wall.

    July 10, 2021

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