Okay you go along to the florist, and you want a bunch of flowers. Do you want something special, do you want something that will last a long time, do you want something that’s a little bit unique!?

And, whenever you pick up a bunch of carnations, it doesn’t have the fragrance that you remember from your childhood. What’s that all about??

Well, have you ever thought of living bouquets? Dianthus Pink Kisses is exactly that. Think of it as a bouquet that has soil attached, and a neat little pot too!



These incredible plants are just about to go mainstream, they’ve even found their way next to the supermarket checkout! They are bred by Selecta Klemm in Germany, and don’t only have to perform as a pot plant, but also a good garden plant!


Dianthus Pink Kisses

When you plant Pink Kisses into your borders or rockeries, they barely stop flowering, Warm or cold conditions, you have to wonder whether flowers keep coming from, there are so many!


Dianthus Pinks


The colours are brilliant, and each bloom goes through a kaleidoscope of pink shades as it ages. Set against gorgeous blue foliage, you can experiment with this plant in many ways. It’s quite at home in a pastel coloured border, but equally out and proud with yellows and oranges!


Dianthus Pink Kisses


The fragrance is complex, we should get a wine buff to test it out, even! It’s layered, with sugar and spice and all things nice.. it’s really quite different to those sad bunches of unscented multicoloured carnations that you pick up when you fill your car with gas, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Dianthus Pinks

If you’d like to find out more about Pink Kisses, head to my IGTV video!

  • Susan scarth

    I respect your advise also your advise . I believe everything I bought from jaguar they have grown.to expectations . Love dejagger . Unfortunately Thomas & Morgan don’t quite hit the same delivery quality . I have an 8sq meter gravel apartment space I would like to create a cottage garden . Can you please advise me on plants . I have orders bulbs from dajaggaur for this.spring.

    July 18, 2021

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