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As many of you know, I always try to keep up with new plant varieties as they’re released. I think breeding and development in horticulture is what keeps it interesting, and of course keeps improving on the plants that we already grow. It’s not only about longer flowering, better growing, but also new colour breaks in plants that we already know.

I think yellow is going to be an on-trend colour for a few more seasons yet. Quite simply put, it’s uplifting and gives you the feelgood factor. Slightly softer, butter yellow also gives you the option to blend with pastel OR vibrant colours.

I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of two new yellow varieties that are coming through – and might pop up in your local garden centre soon enough!


Petunia Hello Yellow

Petunia ‘Hello Yellow’

First up, say hello to “Hello Yellow”! I’d say this is the best yellow petunia I’ve ever seen, and I’ve grown quite a few over the years in trials. It’s already wowing the crowds in the industry, and I know you home gardeners will absolutely love it too!

On the techy side, this “Capella” series blooms earlier than most, meaning the fun starts sooner! Plants hold a great shape too, and avoid the “bird  nest” effect, where some petunia go rather bald in the middle… Although bred in Israel, where the sun always shines, the “Capella” has also been tested in other climates, and most importantly our changeable English one!

The voluminous habit means “Hello Yellow” fits into patio pots, hanging baskets, and as ground cover in beds and borders. Perfecto!


Craspedia Golf

Craspedia ‘Golf’

Now here’s for something super different, Craspedia ‘Golf’! You can see exactly where it gets the name too.

Ultra trendy and eye-catching, this plant is native to the Australian outback, don’t you know! It only needs moderate watering, and of course loves as much sun as it can get!

Plants reach 2 feet in high, with silver sheen foliage, and stems each topped with a half inch yellow globe! Intriguingly, this plant fits just as well into a modern planting scheme as it would a cottage garden vibe too.


Craspedia Golf


Craspedia “Golf” has also been used as a cut flower, whether fresh or dried. It can even be spray painted for multicoloured flower displays! This plant is mega cool and it’s worth hunting down!


Dried painted Craspedia Golf


These 2 plants are from Israeli plant breeding company, Danziger. Find out more about their range here.

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  • Rod

    Loving the the new Petunia “Hello Yellow” Is it a perennial and have you used Richard Jacksons “Flower Power” on it. I use it all the time. It’s fantastic stuff.

    August 15, 2021

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