5 autumn gardening jobs

As the autumn weather and pumpkin spice lattes creep their way back into our daily lives, it’s time to think about your list of autumn jobs. There’s still lots of ‘fun’ stuff to take care of, like harvesting potatoes and raspberries, as well as ordering bulbs for next spring! However, those tedious jobs often tend to take a back seat until you’ve got the motivation.

Don’t fret; there’s a tool that will make five of these jobs MUCH easier! It’s the Grumpy Gardener 3 in 1 telescopic rake from QVC, and it has several features that will shave so much time off your autumn job list that you won’t know what to do afterwards (order more bulbs, of course)! These features are:

  • A telescopic handle that expands from 75cm to 115cm
  • Very lightweight body that is easy to handle
  • The rake head splits apart to create a single head to get into tight areas
  • The head comes apart completely and reveals hand holes to turn the parts into leaf grabbers

Here’s what you can do with this 3 in 1 telescopic rake:


Scarifying the lawn

1. Scarify the lawn

Spotted some moss on your lawn? This is usually a sign of poor growing conditions due to waterlogging or drought, but it can be rectified with a bit of work either in September or April/May! Some people use a powered machine to scarify a lawn, but if this is too pricey, then a rake will do the same job!

You’ll need a dry, short lawn to begin, as well as your 3 in 1 telescopic rake. Use moderate pressure while raking over the moss and gently removing it, trying not to rake up your lawn in the process. The lightweight body of this rake is ideal for applying a good amount of pressure without being too hard on the lawn. Collect the moss and dispose of it. You’ll need to wait around four to six weeks for your lawn to recover from this process.

Looking for more lawn tips? I answer your burning lawn care questions here.


Fallen leaves

2. Keep abreast of fallen leaves

Now is the time when the leaves on deciduous trees will begin to turn brown and fall off – onto your lovely lawn and flower beds! Raking up leaves definitely isn’t the most joyful activity, however, keeping on top of it throughout the season will mean that you can keep your lawn neater, as the leaves won’t have time to decompose and get stuck in the soil or grass below the trees.


Leaf grabbers

3. Clearing out borders

If you do leave your raking until the last minute, you might find that the borders that sit underneath trees get clogged up with leaves. A more laid back person might argue that this creates a good weed suppressor. However, if you aren’t keen on leafy borders, one way to clear out all the gunk without getting on your hands and knees is to use this 3 in 1 telescopic rake. It’s ideal for larger borders as well as small, as its handle extends up to 115cm.

Being careful around new plants or those with more tender stems, rake any leaves, fallen fruit and other debris to the front of the border, then collect by splitting the head of the rake into leaf grabbers. Dispose of your debris, et voilá! You have a clear border.


Tables with leaves underneath

4. Cleaning under garden furniture

Garden furniture gets used a lot during the summer months, which means that debris is likely to have gathered underneath. Instead of getting a shock when you spring clean your patio, use the telescopic rake to get underneath any tables, chairs and benches, and clean out leaves and other waste to keep your patio in good shape during autumn and winter.


5. Making hedges look neater

If you have any sort of hedge in your garden – especially floriferous and/or deciduous ones – then clearing the area underneath them will make a huge difference to the appearance of your garden. Dead leaves and flowers often build up underneath hedges, making borders and other areas of your garden unsightly. Use the telescopic rake to gently pull out the dead foliage, being careful not to disturb any animals such as hedgehogs that may be hibernating underneath.


Once again, you can pull apart the head of the rake to collect the waste and place it in your compost heap.


Want to tick off your autumn gardening jobs? Find the Grumpy Gardener 3 in 1 telescopic rake on QVC here!

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