Plant bucket list

Bucket lists are often filled with countries we’d love to travel to and activities we want to partake in before we die – but with so many things to tick off, I wanted to create a separate list just for plant geeks! So, I went on Facebook and Instagram to ask you about all the plant-related things you wanted to do before you kicked the bucket, and I came out with a bumper list of fantastic suggestions.

If you’re thinking about your own plant and grdening-related bucket list, take inspiration from the plant geeks below and leave a comment with your bucket list suggestion!

1. See the Keukenhof bulb fields

Keukenhof bulb gardens


‘Would love to see Keukenhof bulb fields in the spring…’ – Jan Willetts

The Keukenhof bulb gardens in The Netherlands are filled with thousands of tulips in all kinds of varieties! I’ve been there several times, and each visit brings something new to the table. It’s a must-see!

2. Work as a volunteer in a British garden

Kew Gardens glass greenhouse


‘I would love to work as a garden volunteer for a few weeks in a British garden!!!’ – Thomas Vollmert

There are dozens of beautiful gardens in the UK that are open to the public, and I’m sure they would love to have more volunteers to help keep them beautiful for plant lovers of all ages, genders and backgrounds to enjoy!

3. Take a plant-related degree

degree in plants


‘I’d like to do a Masters degree in the history of garden design and whether it influenced art or art influenced design’ – Angela Alexander

It’s important to keep learning, whatever stage in life you’re at. If you’re interested in getting a degree or other qualification in plants or gardening, there are hundreds of places to do so!

4. Grow plants in another country

Mountain plants


‘Would like the challenge of living in Reykjavik and growing as many flowers as possible, pushing the boundaries. Have seen tulips and bedding growing there, beaut!’ – Shaun Gutteridge

Lots of people want to live in another country before they die – but what about growing plants in another country? Especially one with extreme weather… Now that’s a challenge!

5. See exotic plants in their native habitats



‘To trek in a rain forest..river boat down the Amazon and see plants in their natural habitat’ – Nicky Waters

We’re lucky to be able to import plants from other countries to grow them in our gardens and homes. But there are certain plants that you just can’t grow in certain environments, so it’s best to see them where they like to hang out naturally.

6. Visit an RHS flower show

‘Would like to go to Chelsea Flower show but never seem to get there’ – Jackie Anderton

RHS flower shows are a great place to see new plants, demonstrations and inspiration for your garden! They’re held at lots of different locations across the country, so make sure to put a whole day aside for a show sometime in the future – you’ll love it!

7. See the work of a prolific garden designer

 kazuyuki ishihara


‘I’d love to see a Japanese garden by Kazuyuki Ishihara at Chelsea’ – Angela Higgins

We are quick to appreciate the beauty of a garden, but often forget about the designer! Weeks of hard work go into garden design – sometimes even months – so it’s always appreciated when a designer gets recognised for their work.

8. Have a themed garden

Tropical garden

‘I would love to have the ultimate Tropical garden’ – Lindsey Kaine-Walley

Having a themed garden takes lots of planning, but the results can be really magical!

9. Grow a specific plant


‘I want to grow an enormous Gunnera!’ – Debbie Molloy

Many of us will grow hundreds of plants in our lifetimes, but there’s always that one plant that we want to add to our collections!

10. Learn about plants from a professional



‘Would love to spend a few days with a professional gardner or florist to learn from them. What a dream’ – Living Fifties Loving

The plant industry is full of professional who know everything there is to know about their specialities! You’re sure to learn a few tips and tricks to take back home to your own plants after spending a bit of time with a pro.

11. See the New England fall foliage

New England foliage


‘I’d most love to see New England in the fall’ – Hannah Powell

There’s a certain feeling in the air when the leaves start to turn in autumn. We can see the seasonal transition doing its thing all over the northern hemisphere thanks to our deciduous trees. However, in New England, the foliage is like nowhere else. People travel for miles to see the colours – red, oranges, yellows – so vivid across the millions of leaves.

12. Recreate your dream plant as art

Rose painting


‘I want to have an egret orchid plant and to make one out of sugarpaste while being able to look at the real flower’ – Rosemarie Cole

There’s a reason why there are so many paintings, drawings and sculptures dedicated to flowers. Beautiful blooms are nature’s art, and to recreate them with our own interpretations could be viewed as an homage to the beauty of nature!


What’s on your plant bucket list?
  • Conny Granger

    I would love to see the collection of Blaschka glass flowers at Harvard University. I’ve seen photos online of a few of these close up and the detail is amazing. Maybe someday.

    September 30, 2021
  • Martin MacMillan

    I’d love to see the cherry blossom in Japan

    September 30, 2021
  • Keith j Donnelly

    Seeing any of the exotics that I grow, in their natural environment would be great.

    November 2, 2021

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