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There are lots of reasons why you might not want your security lighting to be placed in an obvious location. Firstly, thieves might see it and aim to disable it (especially if it is within easy reach) in order to make burglary easier for themselves. Secondly, you might not like how it looks and would rather it be hidden, while still being functional. And lastly, you might live in a busy neighbourhood where you wouldn’t want it turning on every few minutes and draining your electricity.

Instead, I’ve put together a list of five unexpected places to hang a security light where it can go relatively unnoticed, yet still do its job.

But first, here’s the perfect security light for your home…

Auraglow Cyrus 600L Hybrid Security Light



A seriously practical addition to any garden, this security flood light has been cleverly designed to solve one of the major setbacks of solar lights – running out of power! Alongside the solar panel, which can be positioned anywhere near to the light thanks to the attachable five-metre cable, you can install 3 x C batteries, which act as backup power for the lamp if the built-in rechargeable battery ever runs out of power in the night.

The built-in rechargeable battery will charge during the day and provide around 430 (10 sec) activations. If it drops below usable power, the 3 x C batteries will activate, providing an additional 2880 (10 sec) activations.

Supplied with L brackets each for the light and solar panel, this security system can be installed on fence posts, railings, pergolas and more with no drilling required. It can also be mounted to the wall using the screws and fixings provided. Best of all, it doesn’t need an electrician to install.

The powerful 6W LEDs provide 600lm of cool white (6000K) light on activation, with adjustable settings for lux and timing. It has a range of eight metres, with an adjustable sensor angle to prevent unwanted use.

Use it all year round – even now that we’re approaching those darker winter nights and mornings!

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Where to place your security light



On fence posts

If you have a fence around the perimeter of your home, it could be the perfect place to install a security light. After all, if you’re using it to deter burglars, you more than likely know that they don’t just try to enter your home through the front. Fences can be scaled, and should be treated as potential places to breach your home’s perimeter with the appropriate security measures.

If you’re placing a security light on a fence post, make sure that there is nothing in front of the post (such as a tree or tall bush) that can obscure the sensor. Security lights are often made with black or dark coloured plastic or metal, which makes them ideal for disguising against a similarly dark hued fence.




On a pergola

Placing your security light on the inside of your pergola might be silly, especially if you have a seating area underneath it – nobody wants to blind themselves or their guests! However, fixing your light to the outside of your pergola, especially a side that is facing a dark area such as a side passage or a shadowy section of the garden, can increase your security by a mile.


Swing set

On a swing set

Swing sets are fun, but they can also be transformed into a security point in your garden. Most people wouldn’t expect a security light to be fixed to a swing, so by doing so you have the ability to catch potential trespassers out. In addition, swings have to be positioned with space around them to allow for movement, which means that your security light will detect any movement before a trespasser reaches your house. Finally, with the swing set positioned out in the open, the solar panel on your security light will receive better exposure from the sun, allowing it to charge fully during the day.


Tree trunk

On a tree trunk

You have to be careful when attaching a security light to a tree to ensure that its leaves don’t hang down and obscure the sensor, or move in the wind and cause the light to turn on excessively throughout the night, but with these tips in mind, a tall tree with an exposed trunk is ideal for a security light. Tree trunks are often shrouded in darkness, making it difficult for the security light to be seen; plus, if the tree bark is dark, the device will be disguised against it.

What’s more, trees without lower branches are difficult to climb, which means that your security light is less likely to get vandalised or stolen.



Near a pond

Ponds can be dangerous hazards if they are not fenced off or illuminated. Placing your security light near a pond will help alert anyone who is approaching to ensure that they do not fall and hurt themselves. Additionally, if your light is, say, positioned on a post or other feature in the centre of a pond, it would be difficult to reach and vandalise or steal.

Is it time for you to buy a security light?

If you want to brighten up the outside of your home and make it safer for you, your guests and your neighbourhood, it could be time for you to install a security light!


Watch out for the Auraglow Cyrus 600L Hybrid Security Light, which is available at QVC!

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