Dianella 'Coolvista'

Did you know that the colour blue and green have been all over the catwalks this season? From Gucci to Bottega Veneta these two hues have been the talk of the sartorial set the world over. But what are we talking about fashion for? This is a plant website! Well, as they say, life imitates art, and greens and blues have made their way into the trends of the plant world too. As a result, Dianella ‘Coolvista’ is coming out on top as the plant of the moment – if the true blue of the Himalayan Blue Poppy resonates with you, then you’ll love this lower maintenance plant for year round blue hues!


How to grow Dianella ‘Coolvista’

Flowering time: Spring

Location: Mixed containers, rockeries, edging for borders

Soil: Moist but well-drained

Light: Full sun

Water: Drought tolerant

Care: None

Size: 50cm height, 30cm spread


Dianella 'Coolvista'

How was this plant created?

Breeder Mr Noel Jupp selected this plant in 2007 at his East Gresford property, which is about 200kms north of Sydney. One of Noel’s enterprises is the revegetation of mining and other sites in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales. Noel is a plantsman who has a keen eye for seeing differences in large plantings of one genotype. Dianella revoluta seedlings were grown enmasse for his revegetation work and this is how Coolvista was discovered, and then developed into the variety that it is today.

Noel lives along Allyn River Road in East Gresford and so he used Allyn-Citation as the protected name for Coolvista.


Dianella 'Coolvista'


Noel brought the plant to Sprint Horticulture in 2008 to see what market opportunity it may have. Coolvista was initiated into tissue culture in early 2008 with the first young plants supplied to growers in May 2009. Potted plant sales entered garden centres in late 2009. In 2009 trial plants were sent to Europe and the USA where it succeeded in its performance, but it took another 10 years for this variety to be noticed by growers in these continents. This was made possible by Plantipp’s promotion. The name Coolvista was created by Sprint Horticulture’s CEO Craig Bryson – to embody the cool refreshing blue leaf colour, and the wonderful vista that can be created when planted as a swathe in any garden.

Coolvista was selected for its attractive blue green leaf colour and very dense compact growth. Its deep blue flowers also make it very special to look at during its flowering period.


Dianella 'Coolvista'

What’s different about this plant?

The parents of Coolvista are relatively tall in comparison, with grey-green foliage colour and a wide spreading rhizome.


Did you know?

Blue has strong links with mythology, and has been seen as a powerful colour for millennia. In Ancient Egypt, blue was associated with the sky and the waters as well as royalty. They would even crush up semi-precious lapis lazuli to use as a pigment.


Dianella 'Coolvista'

Where can you plant Dianella ‘Coolvista’?

Dianella ‘Coolvista’ looks just as eye-catching as an accent plant as it does when planted en masse, creating a carpet of blue flowers in spring borders – a delight for the eyes! For those with rockeries, this plant will be right at home thanks to its drought tolerant qualities.

Try ‘Coolvista’ in mixed containers to add interest to your patio or balcony garden. A contrasting colour would look fantastic paired with its cool blue green foliage – how about Fuchsia or ‘Orange Rocket’ Barberry?


Dianella 'Coolvista'

Where can you buy this plant?

Dianella ‘Coolvista’ is available in the UK at Cowell’s, and in the USA at Plants By Mail

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