What to plant this winter

While the weather may be getting colder, and the days shorter, there’s no reason why you can’t start sowing some seeds now and reap the rewards come springtime – in fact, you absolutely should be getting out into the garden, if not to tend to your plants, then at least to ‘leaf peep‘ this autumn!

Whether you’re looking to inject some colour into your garden next spring, or hoping to harvest your own tasty produce, The Greenhouse People have created a list of what you should be planting right now to enjoy next year.




While it may feel a little early to be thinking about spring, you’ll need to plan ahead if you’re hoping to have a colourful garden to mark winter’s end.

Nothing quite says spring as the friendly-faced daffodil, which looks fantastic in either your garden pots or showcased indoors in a vase.

Perfect for planting in late autumn thanks to their long dormant period, daffodil bulbs grow best in well-draining soil. Take care to plant your daffs the right way up, and leave plenty of space between each bulb (around 10 to 20cm) to allow roots to take hold.




Alternatively, tulips offer a wide variety of colours when they come into bloom. The bulbs can be placed directly into the soil and most grow well in pots.

But remember to avoid planting bulbs too close to the surface of your soil – bulbs need to be planted in soil that’s around three times their depth for optimum growth.

Water directly after planting, then leave them alone until spring!




If you’d like to grow your own rose garden, try planting bare root roses in November while they are dormant.

While roses can be planted at any time of year, they’re set up best during the autumn months thanks to a warmer and moist soil left over from summer.

Be sure to give them enough room to grow and you should have some beautiful blooms by spring.

Broad beans

Broad beans


If you are more interested in the practical rewards of gardening, then there are some wonderful fruit and vegetable options that you can plant in November.

Hardy broad beans and peas can be grown outdoors in rows and will begin to produce fruit by early spring.

Choose a sheltered patch with well-draining soil and plenty of sun to sow your seeds in, and make sure to use a cloche to protect against chilly spells.




Bulb vegetables such as onions, garlic and shallots are great to plant now as they can withstand the cold, require little space and virtually look after themselves.

A staple of most meals, the easiest way to grow onions is from sets. Plant the onion sets in rows, allowing 10-15cm between each.

When looking to plant onions during the autumn period, you’ll want to select an overwintering variety, commonly known as Japanese onions, which can be harvested earlier than the spring kind.




If you have a greenhouse, you could sow pots of herbs including basil, dill, chives, and parsley. If you don’t have a greenhouse, these herbs will also grow well on a bright windowsill.

Plant them in November and you will be able to enjoy fresh herbs throughout winter.

Remember that their growth will likely slow during dark and cold days, but they will pick up again when temperatures get warmer.


What are you planting in your garden right now? Find more gardening ideas for November here.

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