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There has always been an old wives’ tale that playing music to your plants helps them grow – but how much of this is actually a myth? In fact, years of evidence reveals that plants do respond well to music, specifically music that contains voices in the 115-250hz range (this is most likely a female voice). has conducted some research which has revealed that nearly 1 in 5 UK plant owners have played music for their plants, and 44% talk to their plants regularly – could there be some undiscovered singers in the mix, too?

In case you aren’t keen on doing your best Ariana impression while you’re watering your Calathea, I’ve put together a playlist filled with music that is sure to get the chlorophyll pumping. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here or by using the widget below, and read my reasoning for each song choice by scrolling down.



Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
Heritage foliage plants such as Aspidistra will respond with positive growth to the dulcet tones of Kate Bush’s classic tune.

Moon Boots/Fiora – I want your attention

With beats at just the right frequency, this tune is perfect for your attention-seeking plant collection!

Marcela Mangabeira – Poker Face

With a jazzy twist, Marcela covers the Lady Gaga classic. But remember that an unhappy plant will have anything less than a poker face!

Thought Beings – Neon Beach

A bang-up-to-date beach ditty for the cactus and succulents in your life.

Michos aka Lose Mind – Japan Break

Just the right tones to keep your bonsai and Japanese inspired plants at their happiest.

Hidden Spheres – Bill Loves You

The repetitive frequency beats are perfect for younger plants to aspire to!

Shinichiro Yokota – Time Lapse

An inspirational tune, would mix well with a real time lapse. Perfect tones for orchid invigorating!

Onuka – Time

Ukrainian beats mixed with flutes, perfect for giving your plants the time they need.

Kylie Minogue – Slow – Chemical Brothers Remix

A hybrid between ballad and techno, this mix will get your growth speeding up, whatever the season!

Jovi/DJ Eprom – Hidden Place

An Asian-flavoured tune with high frequency beats, perfect for that houseplant place in your home.

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