Magnolia Pink Pyramid

This trim and tidy tree is heaven-sent for Magnolia lovers with small gardens. With a mature height (after around 10 years) of just four metres, and a width of 1.5 metres, it can fill a compact outdoor space with joy come summer, when its beefy 15cm-wide blooms spring into life.


How to grow Magnolia Pink Pyramid

Flowering time: March to April, then again from June to July

Location: Landscaping, small garden, container on a terrace or balcony

Soil: Moist but well-draining, rich, neutral to acidic soil

Light: Partial shade but will tolerate sun

Water: Water well when establishing

Care: Prune in summer after flowering

Size: 4m height and 1.5m spread

Magnolia Pink Pyramid

How was this plant created?

Magnolia Pink Pyramid was bred in New Zealand by Vance Hooper of Magnolia Grove. It is a hybrid of Magnolia Aurora (Starwars x sargentiana var robusta) and Genie as a pollen parent. This cross was accomplished in 2007 and first flowered at three years with 20 flower buds in 2011 on a plant that was about shoulder height.

Aurora was chosen as a parent because of its bright colour and hardiness, as well as the upright habit. Pink Pyramid inherited the latter, and in addition is a very compact plant with bright coloured flowers. These eye-catching blooms start off a bright reddish purple and blush out to a bright pink as the weather warms up. The perfect cocktail of summer colour.

Magnolia Pink Pyramid


The narrow foliage also resembles Aurora but is much smaller, which makes it ideal for smaller gardens. On occasion, visitors have commented on the tidy habit and almost willowy foliage, even without a flower in sight.

The first field budding trials started in 2012 and revealed a brilliant nursery plant. The plants flower one or two times in the first year, depending on the weather, and the plants naturally branch in a herringbone pattern which makes packing bare root plants a dream. In addition, most of the branches have flower buds on the tips.


Magnolia Pink Pyramid

What’s different about this plant?

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of Magnolia Pink Pyramid is the summer flowering, which is probably one of the heaviest of any of Magnolia Grove’s hybrids. The bright, reddish pink flowers are highlighted against the medium green foliage. For the breeders, it generally flowers from around the longest day for about four to six weeks.

Pink Pyramid makes a really good compliment to Genie in Magnolia Grove’s range of small garden plants. The compact, upright habit and small foliage has a certain elegance that fits into any small garden. In a small garden, your plants need to earn their position – and Pink Pyramid really does this.


Magnolia Pink Pyramid

Where can you plant Magnolia Pink Pyramid?

This Magnolia is perfect for landscaping in large or small gardens, with a mature height of four metres. However, it also suits large patio pots very well, and would be just at home on a patio or terrace as it would be elsewhere in the garden.

Where can you buy this plant?

Magnolia Pink Pyramid is available in the UK at Gardening Express and Flaxbourne Garden.

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