Gardening trends 2022

Whether you follow trends or not, they can directly or indirectly influence the way we garden. Take the Pantone Colour of the Year, for example. It’s a trend in itself influenced by trends in culture, politics, fashion, the internet, and more. In turn, it influences the way things are packaged, the little bits of decor we buy for our homes, and even what we plant in the garden. 

Even though you may not think you’re following a trend, you probably are.

With that being said, why avoid them? Apart from not letting trends influence a big purchase that you might regret later, there’s no shame in liking a trend and using it in your garden. Trends can be really fun, and help you experiment outside your comfort zone if you feel like you’re stuck in a gardening rut.

If you’re interested in finding out what’s hot in the plant world right now, read on…

Using Pinterest trends data, experts at WeThrift have researched what garden trends we’ve all been adding to our inspiration boards ahead of spring, and the results might not be what you think!

Top 10 Garden trends on Pinterest

WeThrift analysed Pinterest trend data over the last three months to determine which garden exterior trends have peaked recently. Each trend was ranked on the percentage increase from October 2021 to the current. 

Stone Walls – 300% increase in search volume

Stone walls are great to install to bring dimension and an old-world, cottage garden feel to your outdoor space. Use them to mark the boundaries of your garden, or pack them full of plants to create raised borders.

Cottage Garden – 272%

Cottage gardens aren’t limited to the countryside! you can easily create a cottage garden feel in an urban area with the right selection of plants and an informal layout.


Vegetable Garden – 219% 

Growing your own veg takes a bit of hard work, but once that’s aside, you can have delicious, fresh veg all year round, saving you £££ on your food shop.

Wild Garden – 206% 

Wild gardens need a little bit of initial planning if you haven’t got any native plants to begin with, but the aim of the game is to just let nature do its thing! Super low maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen – 200% 

When those summer BBQs come around, there’s nothing like having your friends or family round and cooking an entire spread outside so that you don’t have to keep nipping indoors.

Meadow Garden – 146% 

A bit like wild gardens, meadow garden thrive with a mix of native flowering plants that are left to grow naturally.

Hot Tub – 120% 

If you’ve got the money, a hot tub can be a very fun and relaxing addition to the garden, and can be used all year round. Just remember that hot tubs need maintenance in order to function optimally.

Wildlife Garden – 117% 

Do you love seeing birds, frogs, insects and more visiting your garden? It’s simple to attract them with some pollinator friendly plants, some little hideaways such as bee motels and birdhouses, and sources of food.

Sustainable Living – 89% 

Sustainability is great for the planet and your wallet. Though you might think that you need a large lump sun to get started, there are cheap ways to be sustainable, such as using old jars and container from the kitchen as pots for your plants!

Rattan Furniture – 87% 

Rattan furniture never seems to go out of fashion, and that’s still true in 2022! With so many designs available, you don’t have to have the same rattan garen furniture as everyone else!


Which trends are you trying in 2022?

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    What tempratures does the garvina gerbera withstand? What is the price of one plant?

    February 28, 2022

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