3 primrose trends

Primroses are a must-have for the spring garden. There are now hundreds of colours and varieties, and you can even get varieties that flower from autumn right through to late late spring. There’s bicolour, clear colours, and even rosebud flowered types. Grab yourself a few, and indulge in a bit of colour therapy.

Top tip: feed your plants, even though it’s a cold, slow-growing time of year. I recently learnt this, and it really makes a difference to the vibrance and flower power!


Colour Therapy

New primroses 2022


Colours make us feel good, and we no longer need to feel ashamed of enjoying high resolution shades in our baskets and borders. Proven to improve our mental wellness, go wild with colour and I guarantee you will feel the difference!


New and fresh

New primroses 2022


Rudy Raes are at the forefront of breeding when it comes to Primroses, and here’s a snapshot of some of their strongest offerings. These are bound to get the neighbours talking, from the Instagram-pretty Zebra Blue to the glowing mix that Autumn Fire gives!



New ways with primroses

New primroses 2022


An exciting blend of varieties which have a few new uses, some a little experimental, but I urge you to give them a try. From indoor houseplants to rockery primroses, it’s time to think outside the box..



Are you inspired to try out some eye catching colour in your beds and containers this year? Remember to pick partially shaded spot where your primroses can thrive, and don’t let them dry out! In fact, primroses prefer a moisture-retentive soil, and work especially well around a pond.

I want to see what your primroses look like! Tag me @mr_plantgeek on Instagram.

  • Una Bird.

    Interesting article. I still love the traditional yellow primrose especially on dull winter days. So cheerful.

    February 28, 2022
  • Paul Higgins

    Absolutely beautiful love them all of the vibrant colours.

    February 28, 2022

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