We love to make ourselves look younger, whether that’s with a sexy new haircut, a trendy outfit or a trip to the Botox doctor. In fact, those seeking a more youthful appearance may spend hundreds, or even thousands, to get under the needle or knife. So, I wonder what our gardens would look like with the same amount of attention!

I’m not telling you to go around injecting your plants with youth serums. In fact, it might have the opposite effect to what you intend. However, you could give your garden a facelift and completely transform its appearance with just one simple tool: a pressure washer.

It’s probably something you’ve been thinking about purchasing for a while (especially if you’ve watched with envy as your neighbour erased years of dirt from their patio in half an hour), but maybe you’ve put it off in favour of more ‘exciting’ purchases like patio furniture or pretty outdoor lighting

Well, I’m here to tell you that a pressure washer can be exciting. If rejuvenating your garden without having to get on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush isn’t enough to make your squirm with joy, here’s some inspiration that will help you finally take the plunge.

The ideal pressure washer to transform your outdoor space

Wolf Pressure Washer


Turn back the clock on your garden’s appearance with a powerful 1850W motor, a water flow rate of 7.2 litres per minute, a high-pressure hose and a host of home and car accessories. The Wolf Super Blaster Pressure Washer has everything you need to bring fences, patios, driveways, walls and more back to life.

This pressure washer comes with an impressive range of accessories, including a patio cleaner with a built-in detergent tank. The kit even comes with a 5m drain cleaner, so you can easily clear out pipes, gutters and drains to save hiring a plumber. 

Your car can get in on the action too. With a snow foamer, car brush and car wheel brush, you’re all set to clean your hot rod for that shiny, as-new look. You’ll even get an angled nozzle with this kit, so you can clean under the wheel arches for polished perfection, or clean away all that corrosive winter road salt.


Wolf Pressure Washer


Extra features include:

  • Wheel mount for ease of movement
  • Aluminium handle with soft grip
  • High-performance pressure pump
  • Auto stop/start system
  • Hose store
  • Cable holder


Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the treatment menu…

Botox your patio

Patios receive heavy footfall in the spring and summer, and are often left to gather residue and debris during the colder, rainier months.

With this pressure washer, you can easily remove that layer of grime to reveal your original patio (I bet you don’t even remember what colour it used to be!). You can also blast away moss and weeds between patio slabs and clean up any patio furniture ready for spring 2022.

Chemical peel your fences

Your fences take a beating from the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This relentless weather causes the fence panels to retain water, which is the perfect breeding ground for green algae.

Luckily, this is quite easy to blast off with a pressure washer. You’ll have your fence looking good as new in a matter of minutes – and you might even be inspired to give it a fresh coat of paint…

Laser your driveway

Getting your skin lasered isn’t so fun (in fact, it can be a bit painful), but removing grime from your driveway with a jet of water is a very satisfying job indeed. You can make your driveway appear as if it has been newly installed, eradicating dirt that has accumulated as a result of harsh weather, footfall and your car.

Talking about cars, while you’re paying special attention to your driveway, you may as well give your motor a clean too. It’s easy to spend a lot of money getting your car professionally cleaned, but this pressure washer will save you hundreds of pounds over the years – as well as time!

Where to buy the Wolf Super Blaster Pressure Washer

This incredibly powerful pressure washer is available here at QVC! It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a whole host of accessories, as detailed above. Look out for it on the website to secure your garden’s youthful appearance!

Want some more ideas on how to enjoy your garden during the last few weeks of winter? Read my article here.


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