Mahonia Volcano

Nobody wants a dull garden in winter. Why work hard from spring to summer creating a garden full of colour when it’ll all just fade away come September? And even if you’re not using your garden in winter (I’ll admit, even my garden receives a bit less footfall after the leaves begin to turn brown), there’s a huge benefit to incorporating winter flowering plants in your beds, borders and pots: feeding the bees. Mahonia Volcano is perfect for this very reason.


How to grow Mahonia Volcano

Flowering time: October to November/December

Location: Borders, pots or hedging

Soil: Rich, well-drained soil

Light: Full sun or partial shade

Water: Water well when establishing

Care: Apply well-rotted garden compost or manure around the base of the plant annually in spring

Size: 1.5m height and 1m spread


Mahonia Volcano

How was this plant created?

Japanese plant breeder Seiju Yamaguchi found the seedling of Mahonia Volcano back in 2013. Potentially, it could have been a hybrid between two different species, but this is difficult to track.

Yamaguchi has an impressive collection of many different Mahonia varieties, and after finding the seed, he let the bees do the work!

Mahonia Volcano caught Yamaguchi’s eye because of its elegant, fine, silvery-green foliage in comparison to the rich and robust greenery of other Mahonia varieties. He separated the plant from the collection to observe its flowers, and identified that this variety opened with warm shares of orange and yellow – a contrast to other Mahonias, which would produce only yellow blooms.


What’s different about this plant?

Mahonia Volcano is an early flowering variety, pushing out its warm-hued blooms from October to November (or December, depending on the onset of winter). So, when your hydrangeas are fading, your gerberas have disappeared and your clematis has gone AWOL, your Mahonia Volcano can take their places to bring you late autumn to early winter colour!

Mahonia is more important to winter bees than you might expect – 75% of flower visitations by bees in winter are to this plant alone! The extra boost of nectar will give them the energy they need to survive the descent into winter, so it’s a must-have for a pollinator-friendly garden.


Where can you plant Mahonia Volcano?

To get the most out of its autumn/winter beauty, plant Mahonia Volcano in borders as a structural addition to the garden. It also works exceptionally well in a large patio pot, or planted en masse as a loose hedge.

Mahonia Volcano
Where can you buy this plant?

Mahonia Volcano can be purchased in the UK at Crocus


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