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Springtime always makes me itch for change in the garden. But while the bulbs have already been planted and the annuals are on order, there are a few other areas that can be spruced up in time for the full bloom of spring, like the garden fence, for example!

There’s no need to go crazy with colour if it doesn’t suit your garden. Even a fresh coat of the fence’s original shade can completely rejuvenate your outdoor space.

However, if you did want something a little more unique in comparison to the standard brown shade of most fences, I’ve got lots of inspiration below.

But first, if you’re thinking about painting your fence, you’ll need a paint sprayer. And I’ve got the perfect one for the job…

The best paint sprayer for garden fences (and more!)

Some people find painting with a paintbrush therapeutic, I find it a drain on my energy! I’d much rather get the whole job done in the morning so that I can enjoy it in the afternoon!

With a good quality paint sprayer, this is always a possibility. The Wagner W510 Universal Sprayer is ideal for painting fences, walls, decking, furniture and doors, finishing the job in far less time than a paintbrush ever could – plus, you’ll get a much more even finish in comparison to the finish you might achieve with a manual tool.


Wagner W510 Universal Paint Sprayer


This do-it-all tool comes with a wall sprayer and a wood/metal attachment, making it perfect to use anywhere you need – inside or outside the home. With fully adjustable paint flow and three paint settings (vertical, horizontal or spot) it can cover any surface quickly and easily – paint up to 15 square metres in 13 minutes!


Wagner W510 Universal Paint Sprayer


Painting a ceiling? This sprayer comes with a 60cm extension handle as well as a masking kit and cleaning kit. It can be used for any decorating or upcycling projects as it is compatible with any type of paint, including gloss and varnishes.


Wagner W510 Universal Paint Sprayer


The Wagner W510 Universal Sprayer is available at QVC here!

10 inspiring fence painting ideas

As I said earlier, your fence doesn’t just have to be the standard brown shade – unless you want it to be! If you want to try something different with your fence, I’ve put together some of my favourite Pinterest pins to hopefully provide you with some inspiration for your next fence painting project.

PLUS, I’ve created a fun quiz which will tell you which colour to paint your fence based on your answers – so if you’re STILL struggling, scroll to the bottom of the page to get your assessment.


1. Beach hut hues

You could just imagine these colours at the beach! I love how the bold hues ccontrast with each other to create a really eye catching effect. You would definitely need some even brighter flowers in your garden so that they don’t fade into the background.


2. Playful patterns

Why not freehand paint some unique patterns onto your fence after you’ve refreshed the base colour?


3. Rooftop club

This looks like a trendy rooftop bar that would get lots of Instagram attention in the summer months!


4. Pastel stripes

This reminds me a little of old ice cream huts at seaside resorts. Just the perfect combination of pastels.


5. Charcoal kingdom

This contemporary charcoal shade would look fantastic in any urban garden to really make the foliage pop.


6. Think pink

Hot pink is a Mr Plant Geek favourite, and it looks wonderful with these different textures and dimensions.


7. Classic blue

The mix of mid-blue and white looks very regal here. The climbing roses also add to the elegance!


8. Poppy power

A well-done mural by a talented artist can really make an impact. If you’ve got a deft hand for detailed painting, you could certainly give this a try!


9. Stencilled shapes

Haven’t got a deft hand with a paintbrush? Stencils are the perfect alternative!


10. Over the rainbow

Both horizontal and vertical fence panels can look great with a rainbow of colour!


Which shade should you paint your fence?

Take my quiz below!


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