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March is a great time to get outside and breathe some life into the exterior of your home. Over the winter months, your house and its surrounding outdoor spaces may have been battered by all sorts of weather, kicking up dirt and debris, encouraging the growth of unwanted mould and plant matter, and even causing damage to features such as fences and walls.

If you want to pretty-up your house exterior ready for the spring, here are five jobs you can do now that will make your house look fresh in time for spring. 

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Green algae on fence

1. Clean green algae on fence panels

Autumn and spring are the perfect times for green algae to grow on your fence panels, as the climate tends to be warm and wet.

You might think about using your elbow grease to help get rid of these unsightly patches, but there’s a much easier way to do so…

Crikey Mikey

If you want to eliminate unwanted growth, get yourself the Crikey Mikey pressure sprayer kit from Wolf. It features 5L of Crikey Mikey Attack Hard Surface Cleaner, as well as a 3L pressure sprayer – so that you don’t have to invest in one separately!

Simply spray the formula onto the fence panels to blast away the green and reveal that original shade underneath. 

Thinking of painting your fence? I’ve put together tonnes of fence inspo here.


Patio moss

2. De-moss the patio

It takes so long to hack out moss from between block paving stones. Instead, use the sprayer and formula to take out that moss (and weeds too!) and leave your patio looking as if you’ve just laid it!


Garden furniture

3. Eliminate mildew and mould from garden furniture

So your garden furniture looks a bit sorry for itself. You don’t have to take it to the dump or sell it off – simply give it a new lease of life by eliminating any signs  of mould or mildew, which can build up around areas of the furniture that have been backed up against a wall or left in the shade. 

Remember to clean the underside too!


Garden path

4. Neaten up garden paths

A clean garden path is not only pleasing to the eye – it’s also better for safety! Green algae growing on surfaces like stone or brick can make it slippery, which is dangerous for anyone using the path.


Crikey Mikey before and after


Clean up your paths with a quick spray using this all-in-one kit, and your garden will instantly become a more attractive and safer space for all its users. The formula can even be used to clean up gravel!


Lichen on roof

5. Make the roof look good as new

Your roof takes the brunt of the weather, which means that it can get into a bit of a state even after just a few years.

If it’s safe – even better if you have someone to help you – use this kit to clean off all that annoying, ugly lichen from your roof tiles. Your neighbours will think you’ve just installed a new roof!

The kit also comes with handy protective gloves and safety glasses to avoid any potential accidents and keep you safe – so make sure to take advantage of these features!

Where to find the Crikey Mikey pressure sprayer kit from Wolf 

This does-everything kit is available at QVC here. Get your hands on it so that you can ace your exterior house cleaning in no time.



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