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Wall art is such a personal thing, and when you’re picky, it can be especially hard to fill your walls with pieces that you love (or, at least, can stand looking at every day). I’ve found that a living wall is a practical, and beautiful, alternative that can literally bring your walls to life.

However, living walls can require a lot of maintenance – and they’re pretty expensive. But a faux living wall gives you just as much impact without the extra effort or expenditure.

Amanda Holden’s homeware brand, Bundleberry, offers an exciting living wall that can transform garden fences, walls and more – and even interior rooms – and it’s faux! Scroll down to read about this gorgeous homeware piece. But first, a few more reasons why faux is best…

The benefits of a faux living wall

I’ve talked about why faux trellises make beneficial additions to the garden, but what about faux living walls? Many staunch houseplant supporters might scoff at the thought of faux plants invading their living spaces, but when it comes to wall art, fake may be the way to go. Here’s why:

  1. Low cost alternative – not only is a faux living wall inexpensive in comparison to a lot of wall art, it’s also far less costly than a real living wall.
  2. Zero effort – unlike a living wall with real plants, a faux living wall requires no maintenance. The only effort required is to hang it.
  3. No water usage – some living walls feature an expensive irrigation system installed to water the plants, while others require manual watering. Either way, you’re going to be using a lot of water to maintain a living wall. A faux living wall, on the other hand? You guessed it – no water usage.
  4. No damage to walls – over time, the weight of a real living wall, or the use of water on the wall without proper protection, can cause damage. This can result in expensive repairs that no one enjoys forking out for. A faux living wall is very unlikely to incur such damage!
  5. Cover up boring or unsightly exterior walls and fences – there’s nothing that can spoil your outdoor space like an ugly wall. Up the wow factor by adding a faux living wall to almost any surface!
  6. Bring the outside in – faux living walls create that coveted outdoors aesthetic, without actually being outside. Perfect for winter, when you’re craving some greenery without the cold temperatures!

BundleBerry by Amanda Holden Tropical Living Wall

Want to find the perfect faux living wall for your home and garden? Let me give you a headstart. The BundleBerry Tropical Living Wall is already a best selling product, but QVC are featuring this beautiful piece in two new complementary colours: white and red. Great for those of you who want something unique to fit your colour scheme!

Even better, if you’ve already got the original colour, you can use one or both of the new shades to build on your collection and create living wall themes in different spaces, or bring them all together to create one jaw dropping wall feature.

Supplied with fittings and instructions, this living wall is so easy to install on almost any wall. Use it to cover over unsightly walls or fences, and bring plenty of life to otherwise empty facades.

The Tropical Living Wall is available at QVC now! Buy it here.

Where would you hang it?

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