Cistus argenteus Silver Pink

Take a look at the delicate, tissue paper-like flowers of this Cistus x argenteus, and you’d never guess that it was an extremely hardy evergreen shrub. Although only a dwarf, this variety makes a big impact in the garden throughout the summer with its mass of blooms!

How to grow Cistus x argenteus ‘Silver Pink’Flowering time: May/June to August
Location: Large containers, borders or rock gardens
Soil: Best grown in a free draining soil, happy in poor stony and chalky soils
Light: For best results grow in full sun, South or West facing
Water: Water well when establishing
Care: Prune back lightly after flowering to retain shape
Size: 75cm height and spread

How was this plant created?

Cistus x argenteus ‘Silver Pink’ is a particularly hardy and beautiful variety, much prized by gardeners for its mounded habit and prolific silver-pink flowers fading to almost white in the centres which are produced in long clusters. The variety was a chance seedling found on the Nurseries of Hillier in 1910 and is believed to be a hybrid of C. creticus x C. laurifolus. This beautiful Hillier rose has been sold for over 100 years after it was discovered, and has truly earned its place in gardens. 

What’s different about this plant?

Cistus or ‘Sun Roses’ or ‘Rock Roses’ are a robust group of Mediterranean shrubs originating from the Canary Islands throughout the Mediterranean area across to the Caucasus. There are many species and hybrids with a range of forms and their love of full sun and dry soils make them excellent low maintenance shrubs. 

This extremely hardy plant is well suited to the Northern Europe climate. In summer, the delicate pink flowers reminiscent of tissue paper, are borne in abundance above the silvery-green foliage. Each flower lasts only a single day, but the plant produces buds continuously from May/June to August.

Where can you plant Cistus x argenteus ‘Silver Pink’?

This Cistus x argenteus suits a range of garden types, from the informal or cottage garden to urban gardens! Plant it in a sunny position (preferably south or west-facing) in a mixed border, rockery or large patio pot. Don’t worry if it misses a drink or two – it’s drought resistant!

Where can you buy this plant?

This plant is available in all 19 Hillier garden centres across the South of England as well as through the new Hillier Online Shop.

British Bloom of the Month is sponsored by Hillier. With more than 155 years of horticulture knowledge, Hillier is celebrated for growing exceptional quality plants, and is proud to be adding this one to its offering. 

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