I’ve been impressed with the calibre of container planting that I’ve seen in the last year, from large patio pots awash with the bright colours of bulb plants, to hanging baskets trailing almost to the floor with surfinia, lobelia and calibrachoa. It’s obvious that the container is having a moment, which is great news for gardens of all sizes!

As a bit of fun, I’ve put together a silly little quiz where, if you pick your favourite container plants, I’ll tell you who or what your gardening nemesis is! Now, it’s unlikely to be Darth Vader – he hasn’t visited my garden for a while – but it could be slugs, aphids, moss, or something even more sinister…

Scroll down to take the quiz! But first, here’s a unique container to house your container plants – and it even comes with a solar-powered light.

The Westminster Solar Lamppost with Planter

Luxform Westminster Planter Lamppost

If you’re looking for a container with a bit of difference, as well as a practical spin, this is the one for you. Available at QVC, this container also features a 200cm-tall, solar powered LED lamp, which provides 80 lumens of bright light. That’s enough to light up patios, pathways and entrances to make your garden safer and even more beautiful.


Luxform Westminster Planter Lamppost


There’s no installation or electrical outlets needed. This lamp is completely solar powered. Just place it in a location where it’ll receive sunlight during the day, and it will automatically power on at night. 


Luxform Westminster Planter Lamppost


It’s a really classic design, featuring an ornate lamp that would fit right into place with most garden styles. What’s more, it’s available in classic black, white or bronze. And its elegant appearance will stand the test of time, as this lamp and container duo is durable and weather-resistant, made with plastic and coated stainless steel.


Luxform Westminster Planter Lamppost


There is no need to dig a hole for stability as you would with any other lamppost. The great thing about this product is that, once filled with soil and plants, the container provides all the stability you need. Plant it up with your favourite blooms or evergreens to suit your garden!

Available now at QVC.

Take the quiz

Want to discover your gardening nemesis? Take my fun quiz below.


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