Scandi-Style garden

You’ve probably read my article about what to include in a Japanese-style garden (if not, click here to read!), but now I’m talking about Scandinavian style, or ‘Scandi’, as the media have so lovingly abbreviated it.

There’s a similarity between Japanese and Scandi gardens, and that similarity is minimalism. Like the Japanese style, Scandi gardens aren’t overcrowded with ‘things’. Instead, the spaces are typically defined by clean lines, plenty of foliage plants, and contemporary planting styles.

However, if this doesn’t bring you joy, then feel free to take elements from this style and adapt them to your liking. Scandinavians spend a lot of time outside – as encouraged by the concept of friluftsliv – and so your own outdoor space should be one in which you enjoy spending time.


What to put in your Scandi-style garden

Minimalist furniture

Without wanting to sound cliché, IKEA’s garden furniture fits in perfectly with the Scandi aesthetic. However, if you’re after something a little more unique that doesn’t appear in five of your neighbours’ gardens, try the selection at QVC.


Oslo rocker


The My Garden Stories Oslo Over Sized Garden Rocker is a contemporary piece that makes achieving the Scandi style a completely effortless task. This chair has been designed oversized for added comfort, and although I love how it looks in a garden setting, it can also be used indoors.

The Oslo Rocker comes in a choice of graphite grey steel frame with a soft grey cushion OR pebble white frame with stone cushion. Either way, it’ll make a great addition to your home, either as a complementary piece or a statement chair for a conservatory or deck.

Not only that, but this chair is easy to assemble… unlike much of the furniture from that yellow and blue furniture store…

Cosy soft furnishings

In the spirit of hygge (the Danish concept of cosiness), introduce comfy soft furnishings to your outdoor area. These could be blankets, cushions and even an outdoor rug.

Just make sure to bring them in when it rains!


Velvet cushions

Velvet cushions, £29.98 for two


Embroidered bedspread

Embroidered bedspread, £66


Indoor and outdoor rug

Indoor & outdoor rug, £38



Continuing that cosy theme, nothing screams outdoor comfort like a firepit. Made for those long summer days that turn into long summer nights with friends or family in the garden, a well-placed firepit will keep you warm until you’re finally ready to drag yourself inside.


Innovators firepit, £159.96



If you’ve got the space, evergreens such as furs, pines and conifers would of course look fabulous in a Scandi-style garden. However, we don’t all have acres to play with! Here are some plants that will provide some much-needed greenery to finish off your space regardless of the size of your garden:


Blackberry Little Prince

Blackberry Little Prince, £13.99


Daphne Eternal Fragrance

Daphne Eternal Fragrance, £20.99 for two


Sarcococca humilis

Sarcococca humilis, £19.99


A Scandi-style garden is easy to create with the right plants and products! Remember to err on the side of minimalism, and add foliage wherever you feel needs it.

What would you put in your Scandi-style garden? Let me know in the comments section below.

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