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There are some jobs in the garden that are just too physically taxing. I’m not afraid to admit that, as someone with reasonable fitness, I just don’t want to get all sweaty and worn out trying to dig up determined roots or lift mature plants. In many cases, you could hire a professional to do the work for you, especially if it’s just a one off job; however, there’s a tool on the market that has saved gardeners plenty of phone calls and payouts, while making light of particularly tough work. It’s the Root Slayer.

What is the Root Slayer?

From a distance, this looks like a regular spade, something which many of us already have in our gardens. However, once you’ve tried the Root Slayer, you’ll realise that there’s a huge difference between the two.

The Root Slayer is a round-headed shovel, which features laser-cut, extra-thick carbon steel blades, hand-sharpened rip saw edges, an inverted-V cutting tip and an O-handle with a sturdy grip. This multi-tasking garden tool will help you dig, cut, saw, lift, pry and carry with ease.

How do gardeners use the Root Slayer?

Many people have told me that this tool has changed the way they garden, making once difficult jobs a walk in the park. I’ve heard about it being used in an array of different ways, so I’ve compiled a list of my favourites.

See how the Root Slayer is used in different ways below, and make sure to grab yours at QVC!


Root Slayer


1. Lifting debris out of heavy soil

Karen G Lasstr: “Only standard usage here although it’s my go to spade. I have clay soil and lots of buried builders rubbish, broken paving slabs etc etc.”


2. Removing tree roots

Denise Rimmer: “I have this spade it’s really good. It managed to get some tree roots out for me to plant an acer.”


3. General digging

Caron Clarke: “Have the Root Slayer and it makes light work of digging and roots. Wish I had it years ago.”


Root Slayer


4. Creating borders

Emma Jarvis: “Tried to lift turf with normal spade for new borders…couldn’t do it 🤬, cried 😩, considered paying someone to do it 🙈 …then remembered I had the Root Slayer in the garage!!! New border in!! 🙌🏻💪🏻 #stronggirlsclub 😎”


5. Moving hydrangeas

Tess Willis-Moore: “I have the large and the smaller Root Slayer. Wouldn’t be without them. I have moved hydrangeas, lupins and dug out conifers, a dying ceanothus and hibiscus… the list goes on. Most valuable tool I have ever bought really.”


6. Removing weeds from between paving stones

Bethan Spacey: “I bought one for my 85 year old dad to make his life easier. He says it helps him get the paving stones up on his patio so that he can get the weeds out!!! 🤦🤦🤦. That wasn’t quite what I intended lol, but he loves it.”


Root Slayer


7. Digging out invasive plants

Angela Giglio: “Used it to dig out pesky spanish bluebell bulbs last year and made room for all the new bulbs I bought in autumn. Beautiful display of tulips now and it was the best tool I own 👏”


8. Breaking up compounded beds

Tracey Moore: “Oh where do I start? Great to break up compounded beds, bramble roots, cut raised roots as well as to carefully lift dandelions to move (to my Bee Friendly garden patch). The list is long but probably my favourite use is when I took a tea break leaving the root slayer upright in the ground, near my bird feeder, a robin decided it was a good perch to survey my hard work! 😊”


9. Finding drains!

Sue Robson: “Used it to dig out some ivy and found a drain I didn’t know was there. Excellent drain finding spade 😀”


How do you use your Root Slayer? Let me know in the comments section below!


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