Trying to come up with a date idea for you and your significant other? There are so many benefits to a romantic evening in the garden: you’ll save money that you might have spent at a restaurant or cafe, you’ll both get fresh air and the peaceful enjoyment of being outdoors, and if you put your phones inside, you’ll be free from digital distractions.

Wondering what you can do in your outdoor space that feels romantic? Here are five ideas.

1. Read your favourite books together

If you and your other half are bookworms, an easy date idea would be to cosy up together in a comfy loveseat and enjoy your favourite books in each other’s company, with the sound of the evening birds chirping in the background.

This cocoon chair is perfect for cuddling and book reading. It features high-grade aluminium and steel with faux rattan ropework, as well as plush, removable deep-filled cushions. The gentle sway of the chair and the sprung attachments will allow you to fully relax, as if you’re floating on Cloud Nine.


Cocoon chair


The chair is easy to store once summer’s over. It’s full collapsible and folds down into a compact size, making it easy to hide away during the winter months.

Not only that, it’s available in a choice of neutral colours, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Latte, Black, this chair can be easily incorporated into any space. Plus, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it will look as good on your deck or patio as it will in your conservatory.

Available from QVC now.

2. Make a backyard picnic

Garden picnic


Picnics in your garden are WAY more fun than picnics in the park. You have so much more privacy, you don’t have to worry about finding a bin to put all your rubbish in, and you don’t have to walk or drive anywhere to get home.

3. Film night



If you’ve got a laptop or tablet, you could prop it up on your outdoor table to watch a film together. Bring out some blankets and pillows to make your seating arrangement extra cosy, and don’t forget the snacks!

4. Glamping



Yeah, camping is fun, but if you’ve never been glamping in your garden, you’re missing out. Again, there’s no need to drive or travel to a camping site – and there’s no worry of having to use shared bathroom facilities. Just prop up a tent in your yard and make it glam by adding fairy lights, plush cushions and blankets, and maybe even a nice rug to make it even more deluxe.

5. Wildlife spotting


Birdwatching during the day is exciting, but there’s even more to see at night, from bats, to owls, to adorable hedgehogs. You could pop out some wildlife-appropriate food, sit in a quiet corner together, and watch as your garden comes to life.

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