Father's Day gardening gifts

Father’s Day 2022 takes place on Sunday 19th June, which means that there’s not long to find the perfect present for your father or father-figure in your life! If the lucky recipient of your Father’s Day gift has a penchant for gardening, I’ve put together a whole load of ideas that will keep them preoccupied throughout the summer and beyond.

But first, what’s the story behind Father’s Day?

Father’s Day was first celebrated in the USA on 19th June 1910, and is now celebrated in many countries across the world, who often have their own traditions. For example, it’s actually a public holiday in Lithuania and some parts of Spain – meanwhile South Korea has a ‘Parents’ Day’, which celebrates both parents on the same day.

Struggling to find the gardening gift that ticks all the boxes? Try these ideas.

Note: These products were available at QVC at the time of writing. If you are reading this in future, you may be able to find similar products on QVC’s website.

A high tech hose

A good hose is an essential in every garden, but not all gardeners think to treat themselves to a more high tech, versatile and robust hose that will make their gardening so much easier.

With this hose from QVC, you’ll receive a whole starter kit, complete with the hose itself, a nozzle and a hose hanger, all with a choice of connectors to suit every tap and additional gaskets for extra length. Whether your dad is watering the lawn, washing the patio or cleaning mud off the family’s bicycles, he’ll want this hose to hand!

Quality is, quite literally, on tap with this hose. Its excellent design features brass fittings for maximum quality and durability. Tough yet lightweight, the hose boasts a double latex core and a 10mm diameter to ensure constant flow, even when it’s knotted.

Perfect for those with dexterity issues, the seven-position thumb control nozzle means you don’t have to worry about continuously squeezing a trigger. You can maintain a pressure of up to 300PSi or lower it with ease, while the 3300D high-strength polyster design ensures no tearing or bursting.

Available in different lengths to cater for all gardens, this is a flexible, durable hose that your dad can use for many years to come. It typically stretches two to three times its contracted length, and included in the box is a wall hanger, two sizes of tap connectors, spare gaskets and a multi-spray head. You’re all set in the garden!

Hose length options:

  • 50ft
  • 75ft
  • 100ft
  • 125ft

A do-it-all pressure washer

Pressure Washer by Wolf

With the pressure washer from reputable brand Wolf, dad can clean his car, fences, patio and more. It features a powerful 1850W motor, a water flow rate of 7.2 litres per minute, a high-pressure hose and a host of home and car accessories, including:

  • High pressure lance – with Vario nozzle for controlling pressure and spray patterns
  • Turbo lance – accelerates the water in circles to help clean the toughest surfaces like brick
  • Angled nozzle lance – produces a spray of water ideal for cleaning under cars and more
  • Patio cleaner
  • Snow foamer
  • Car brush
  • Car wheel brush
  • Drain cleaner

A handy garden tool set

Garden tool set

Often, our garden tools don’t match, or they’re a bit bit old and perhaps less efficient, but it’s usually a while before we think to replace them. If this sounds like your dad’s garden tool set, gift him a brand new matching kit that offers everything he might need for his gardening jobs.

This six-piece tool set contains:

  • Hand brush
  • Hand cultivator
  • Bypass secateurs
  • Garden hand trowel
  • Spray bottle
  • Dustpan
  • Case to store all of the tools

Each tool is ergonomically designed with TPR handles, so that dad feels comfortable when he’s working in the garden – no achey wrist joints here!

Micro zoom binoculars


As our gardens come to life over the summer, there’s nothing more relaxing than a spot of birdwatching while enjoying a cup of tea in the garden.

If your pa is a fan of birdwatching, then these binoculars are a must. They boast 9 to 45 times magnification, come in a pocketable size, and feature dioptre adjustment that allows them to be set to suit individual eyesight (no more of the eye strain you get with regular binoculars!).

If dad is a glasses wearer, the fold down rubber eyecups allows use of the binoculars whilst wearing spectacles, so there’s no need for him to worry about switching things up when looking at birds, planes, trains or anything in the distance.

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