Flower Trials 2022

2021’s Fantasy Plant League was a roaring success – and now it’s back for 2022 to coincide with the prestigous Flower Trials! This year’s top choices are abundant with show stopping plants in all categories. However, there’s a catch. This year’s competition is slightly different to last year’s; please note that you will be voting for the plant purely from the photo and the basic name, and without knowing the breeding company, supplier or variety name. The winners will be revealed and crowns will be handed out on 20th June 2022!

Here are this year’s categories

  1. Basket plants
  2. Bedding plants
  3. Edibles
  4. Indoor plants
  5. Potted plants

**UPDATE** This year’s winners have now been chosen. Here are the crowns of your categories:

1. Basket plant – Petunia F1 Limbo/Mambo GP Pastel Mixture


2. Bedding plant – Dahlia ‘Lubega Power’

Dahlia Lubega

3. Edible – Summer Breeze ‘Cherry Blossom’

Summer Breeze 'Cherry Blossom'

4. Indoor plant – Chrysanthemum Firestone Pink

Chrysanthemum Firestone Pink

5. Potted plant – Anigozanthus Celebrations ‘Masquerade’

Anigozanthus Celebrations 'Masquerade'


In addition to the lowdown on the plants at the Flower Trials 2022, I’ve also listed what I think are the top six trends at the exhibition. You can read what I’ve written about here!


1. The next top basket plant

2. The next top bedding plant

3. The next top edible

4. The next top indoor plant

5. The next top potted plant


Thank you for voting! Keep your eyes peeled on mrplantgeek.com or Instagram to find out if your plants won!

  • Roz

    Sorry. Unable to send my last vote as no submit button 🙁

    Please add Salvia to the votes.

    Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Thank you x

    June 16, 2022

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