Kalanchoe colours

Recently, I’ve been on some inspiring tours around kalanchoe super houseplant nurseries, and it has made me wonder – with the kalanchoe being such a boldly coloured plant, which hues are most popular in which countries?

The preferences and shared habits of different countries and cultures have always intrigued me, so I asked the knowledgeable folks at Always Kalanchoe if they could help me out with some insights, and they agreed!

The most popular kalanchoe colours by country

All cultures have their preferences when it comes to colour and plants – for example, while yellow flowers can be given to a friend to bring happiness and luck upon them, the colour is not favoured in some countries due to its connotations of jealousy or betrayal.

When it comes to kalanchoe, which are available in a wide variety of bright colours, there are certain hues which are more popular than others in different countries. Here are a handful:

The United Kingdom

Apparently, we’re big softies in the UK! Our favoured colours of kalanchoe are the softer hues, such as delicate baby pink! Who knew?

The Netherlands

Of course, one of The Netherlands top colours is orange – how ‘on brand’ for them! The Dutch also love white, darker pink, purple and red – all of which happen to go with orange very well… there may be a pattern forming here!


Mirroring the colours of their flag, the Germans love to buy kalanchoe in yellow and red, as well as orange – perhaps a nod to their nearby Dutch neighbours! Unfortunately, the kalanchoe isn’t available in black – the third and final colour of the German flag. Maybe one day it could be a new innovation!


The Scandinavian nations like to place pastel and neutral kalanchoe colours in their homes. What can you expect from the region that brought us ‘Scandi minimalism’?

Eastern Europe

The countries of Eastern Europe all have one thing in common: they love to buy the strongest, brightest colours of kalanchoe!

Celebrate with sustainable kalanchoes: Pick the perfect colour

Sure, cut flowers are lovely, but even the most robust flowers can last for just two weeks – three weeks tops! If you want to give a gift that lasts and is far more sustainable, then a potted plant is the way to go. Potted plants can represent longevity and nurturing, whereas cut flowers are so temporary!

Kalanchoes will flower for 100 days with even the most basic care, making them a perfect birthday, graduation or moving-in present for a recipient of any ability. They’re even great for those who are eco-conscious, as they’re grown using sustainable methods.

If you’re purchasing a kalanchoe as a gift, here are the most suitable colours for each occasion:


White kalanchoe


Unless you know what kind of colour scheme your recipient has implemented in their home, choosing a colourful plant for a housewarming may not be the wisest choice. Instead, opt for a white-bloomed plant, as it’ll go with anything!



Valentine’s Day

What screams ‘love’ more than the colour red? This warm hue has long been the colour of love, with Ancient Roman brides having worn red shawls to warrant love and fidelity. Many cultures still feature red as a prominent colour at weddings, including Indian and Chinese.


Yellow kalanchoe

Good luck gift

Know a friend who has got a big sports match coming up? Or maybe a driving test or school exams? Yellow is the colour for them! Yellow is said to bring positive vibes to its beholder, and is great for energising the soul.


Pink kalanchoe

Getting over a break-up

When someone goes through a break-up, it’s important to let them know you’re there for them, and you want to help them get back on track with their lives. Encouraging them to love themselves is a great place to start, and pink is definitely the colour of self-love and self-care. You might choose to go for a soothing pink if this break-up has been particularly tough on them, or for a more energised and sassy hot pink if you know that they’ll match this energy!



Birthday present

Orange has lots of different meanings, and can symbolise joy, spirituality, creativity and success. It’s a great all-rounder, which makes it perfect for a birthday present!

6 unique kalanchoe to look out for

Kalanchoe Calypso


This is a new indoor outdoor variety, which changes colour as it matures. Maybe enjoy it inside for a few weeks, before you send it off for a little summer holiday on your patio!


Variegated edge Kalanchoe

Variegated edge kalanchoe

Super new! This is a variegated edged kalanchoe, which pairs beautifully with the scarlet blooms! A new dimension for a classic houseplant we all know and love.


Kalanchoe Magic Bells

Magic Bells

Magic Bells is a distinctive variety that is grown by specialist nurserymen. Looks great in the garden centre, where customers snap it up!


Kalanchoe Garden Picnic

Garden Picnic

The Garden Picnic series is ready to place on an outdoor table, each wide pot into multi planted with a mix of colours, ready to give 100+ of outdoor summer colour!


Kalanchoe Mosaic


I have my eye on these as border plants for outside, so I asked to bring a few home! With their succulent growth, these plants will be super low maintenance and undemanding!


Kalanchoe Tiger

Desert Surprise

A large kalanchoe shrub, this plant is decorated with maroon spots and stripes on its leaves, lending to the common name ‘Tiger’.


You can purchase a kalanchoe for your own home or for a friend in almost any supermarket or garden centre, as well as some houseplant shops.

Want to know how kalanchoe are potted up and sent to garden centres? Read my article here, and make sure to watch my reel so you can see how it works in first-person!

Which new kalanchoe variety is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below!


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