New plants from Danziger

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you will know that I am an obsessive plant hunter. Not only do I love new plants, but I love different ways of using plants we already know.

On a recent trip to the Netherlands, I spotted five very interesting plants from the Israeli breeding company Danziger, and I just had to tell you about them. You have to be patient though, you won’t be able to buy them until next spring… but I thought you’d appreciate the heads up!

I’ve also created a unique Instagram reel for each plant, and you can see those being released over the next month or so, I’ll add the links below as they are ready to view!

1. New Guinea Busy Lizzie Harmony® Colorfall™

While the traditional Busy Lizzie was succumbing to mildew problems over the last few years, the new guinea Busy Lizzie was gaining ground. Breeders have been very busy, and plants are now suitable for sun and shade, and with this introduction, we now have a truly branching one that can be used in hanging baskets, and gives a gorgeous effect.

Plants are incredibly strong, and I reckon you could throw a plug plant straight into the final basket. Don’t limit yourself though, they’ll also work in window boxes, or jazz up those tired 80s rockeries!

The colour range is incredibly comprehensive, but my favourite is the dark red with the dark leaves – it’s just so sultry!!

2. Nemesia NESIA™ Blue

Nemesia Nesia Blue


I cannot be without nemesia in the garden; the fragrance is so vanilla-y (if that’s a word!). But quite a few are “flower lazy” and won’t give you a second, let alone third, flush.

NESIA™ isn’t like that – it flowers in a continuous manner and only needs light trimming. This colour is just divine too, and my head is spinning with all the possible combinations for summer pots!

Fragrance is SO important in a sensory garden, but make sure you get that scent indoors too, plant a few in a windowbox. There could be worse things to be addicted to…


3. Petunia Capella™ Neon Pink

A few years ago, I used to be ashamed of bright colours. I thought my garden had to be pastel colours, and soft tones. But, I slowly realised, it’s the neon, fluorescent colours that make me feel good, and uplifted, energised!!

I truly cannot believe the colour of this Petunia, it’s quite hard to get this shade of pink across on an image.

A low growing, good spreading variety, which would be great in pots, baskets, or the front of the border… it’s the garden equivalent of graffitiing your garden with an oldschool pink marker pen!


4. Mimulus MAI TAI™

Here is a plant you may not have seen before, this is a very different species of Mimulus. It’s also known as the monkey flower. This plant has such a nice bushy shape, I would most like to see it as a tabletop plant, in a right fancy pot!

Continuous flowering, unique colours, including this beautiful deep bronze, what’s not to love?


5. Calibrachoa Colibri™ Series

In case you didn’t know, calibrachoa are like miniature petunias, With blooms that are much smaller than a standard Petunia, but you get three times as many! The range is broad, and there is a calibrachoa for every corner of the garden.

They’re most at home in window boxes – it’s almost as if they were born to do it.

But also, I think about using them on the table top containers, especially low dish ones. I think they look mega smart. They are also very fun for kids, in case they want to include them in fairy gardens and the like!

The plants are covered in flowers; it’s almost like a botanical confetti. Easy to grow in most soils, and a plant that has really gone from outsider to front runner in the space of just a few years.



I hope you’ve been inspired to look out for some of these online, and in garden centres, next spring. Which one are you most looking forward to growing?

  • Lillie Farmer

    Absolutely breath taking color & richness

    August 3, 2022

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