Box blight and caterpillars can ravage box hedging (AKA Buxus), to the point where the plant can become unsalvageable, wasting all that time you may have spent growing and shaping the plants. 

Box blight is a fungal disease that causes bare patches to appear across the plant where the foliage has died back, while box caterpillars feed on the greenery in their hundreds, decimating the plant before cocooning and leaving the scene of the crime as a moth (it’s the perfect disguise!).

If you’re a fan of box but you hate the anxiety of a fungal strike or pest infestation, there’s another plant you need to get to know – and it’s just as buxom!


How to grow Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’

Flowering time: N/A

Location: Patio pots, coastal gardens, cottage gardens

Soil: Well-drained
Light: Full sun, partial shade

Water: Water regularly when establishing and throughout hot weather

Care: Start shaping in the second spring after planting

Size: 90cm in height x 60cm width


Lonicera Garden Clouds

What’s different about this plant?

Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’ is a low-maintenance shrub that’s perfect for hedging, topiary and landscaping, thanks to its naturally round habit. However, it’s not just the shape that has gardeners excited; ‘Garden Clouds’ features glossy, fine foliage in a variety of colours:

  • Copper Glow – green with copper new shoots
  • Purple Storm – green with dark purple new shoots
  • Green Breeze – fresh, zesty green foliage throughout


Lonicera Garden Clouds


As mentioned, Lonicera is not susceptible to blight or caterpillars. In fact, they’re decidedly disease-free, with some resistance to deer and rabbits also! Therefore, if you’re looking for a dense, shapely shrub that you don’t have to worry about apart from the occasional prune, this is it!


Lonicera Garden Clouds

How was this plant created?

Created by Guido Rouwette, Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’ is a cross between Lonicera nitida ‘Red Tips’ and Lonicera nitida ‘Elegans’. The three selections from this cross were developed for their enticing colours, bushy growth and ease of pruning and maintenance. From selection, to testing, to market, the development process took approximately eight years – as they say, all things worth having take time!


Lonicera Garden Clouds

Where can you plant Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’?

An evergreen shrub, this plant is hardy down to -18C, and suits most garden types, from urban to coastal. Plant Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’ in partial shade or full sun in a well-drained soil, and it will thrive with full foliage throughout the year.

Where can you buy Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’?

Lonicera ‘Garden Clouds’ is available from Cowell’s Garden Centre in the UK.

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  • Fantastic list of plants for coastal lonerica nitida gardens! Your post provides valuable insights for anyone looking to create a thriving garden by the sea. Well done!

    November 24, 2023

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