Christmas lights

Are you planning on decking out the exterior of your home this Christmas? Alongside the popular trail of reindeer on the lawn and the somewhat retro Santa scaling the side of the house, there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of Christmas lights.

Reindeer Christmas lights

Outdoor Christmas lights can transform your home, turning the heads of passers by during the festive period, and maybe even getting your house listed on your town’s ‘light trail’! However, there are right ways to use outdoor Christmas lights, and some… not so right ways. I’ve listed my do’s and don’ts below, to help you get the most out of your lights, save on your energy bills, and make your lights last longer so that you can use them for years to come.


Create a ‘waterfall’ of lights

These cascading outdoor Christmas LED lights from QVC create a waterfall effect when strewn across the exterior of your house, along tree trunks, across fences and walls, and more!

Complete with a timer mode that automatically turns off your lights after six hours’ use, and powers them back up at a desired time, these lights are low maintenance and easy to use in any setting.

The lights come with eight functions:

    1. Combination – This will activate all the different light patterns on a cycle one after another.
    2. In Waves – A pulsing wave lighting effect.
    3. Sequential – A flashing sequence pattern.
    4. Slo Glo – A glowing and fading pattern.
    5. Chasing/Flash – A fast flash and chase pattern.
    6. Slow Fade – An on to off fading pattern.
    7. Twinkle/Flash – A bright and fast flashing pattern.
    8. Steady On

Outdoor Christmas lights

With 39.3 feet of LED lights, you can cover large areas without having to set up and plug in multiple light strands. These lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but the mains transformer must be plugged in indoors.

Available now at QVC!


What to do and what not to do with outdoor Christmas lights

  1. DON’T risk your safety with outdoor electrical connections

Outdoor electrical connections can be dangerous, especially if they become damaged due to weather or other wear. If you must use an outdoor electrical connection, use a high quality dry box to keep plugs and transformers safe and dry.

  1. DO take time to store your lights properly after Christmas

While it might be a joy to put up your Christmas decorations, taking them down can feel like a chore. However, instead of rushing to put away your lights in a way that could damage them or make them a nightmare to untangle next year, take a few extra minutes to store them properly.

Wind them up using a reel or cable tidy and secure them with a cable tie so that they don’t unravel. Then, store them in a box in a cool, dry place to prevent any moisture from seeping in and damaging the lights.

Christmas lights in a tree

  1. DON’T install lights using a ladder without someone to supervise

If you’re installing lights on your roof, exterior walls or on trees, you may need to use a ladder to complete the job. If this is the case, always make sure that you have someone with you to hold the ladder in place and get help if you become stuck.

  1. DO use purpose-made fixings and accessories

Attaching Christmas lights to walls, fences, guttering and other surfaces without the proper fixings and accessories may damage those surfaces. Hangers, hooks and clips can make installation so much easier and allow you to install and remove your lights without damaging your home.

  1. DON’T forget to be creative!

While traditional ways of hanging Christmas lights often look festive and fantastic in their own right, there are so many more ways to get festive! Have you thought about using shepherd’s crooks in your beds or on your lawn to drape your lighting? Or how about using strip lights along walkways? You can create a unique display simply by stepping back, looking at your home, and thinking about which areas deserve highlighting.


What will your Christmas light display look like this year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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