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Social media often gets a bad rep for facilitating the spread of fake news; but while it’s true that there’s a lot of disinformation out there, we also have access to a lot of really useful, positive and inspiring content that can help with lots of different areas of life, including creating a better environment for wildlife!

If you’re keen on bettering the world for wildlife’s sake, then I’m excited to introduce to you a handful of Instagram accounts that you should get to know now!

But I also want to talk about a fantastic deal on right now at QVC for a must-have garden accessory that will bring instant joy to both you and the wildlife in your local area…


A 4-in-1 wildlife lamp post

Illuminate your garden while helping the birds and showing off your plants with this beautiful AND useful dual powered wildlife lamp post from QVC.

Wildlife lamp post

Not only does this lamp post feature a planter, it also features a bird bath and two hanging bird feeders. Fill up the planter with wildlife-friendly plants, then earn your wings by filling the feeders on each side and watch the winter birds get chirpy in their new play park. It’ll create an enchanting scene you can watch admiringly from the window. The birds are going to have such a treat!

With its classic, Victorian-style design, this decorative lamp post will create a real sense of atmosphere in the evening, casting its light through the lantern glass. It’s the perfect way to illuminate your garden, plus the matte black design adds an elegant finish. It’ll beautify any entrance, walkway, patio or veranda.

Wildlife lamp post

It’s never been easier to bring warmth and light to your garden. This lamp post comes with a dual-powered function, so you can switch between battery power or solar. Go for battery power when there’s less light in winter, then switch it to solar for the longer days in summer. You’ll have lighting all year round, and it’s super easy to set up!


Now, onto those wildlife-centred Instagram accounts!


1. @chrisgpackham2

Naturalist Chris Packham is best known for his CBBC nature series The Really Wild Show, which aired from the mid-80s to the mid-90s; however, the social media generation may recognise him from his Instagram reels where he urges viewers to get involved in the conservation of nature. You have even heard him on The Plant Based Podcast, too!



2. @cj_wildlife

Not only do CJ Wildlife offer a huge (and I mean HUGE!) array of products to help you create your ideal wildlife friendly garden, they also have an Instagram page that’s full of great tips, such as the post below.

3. @hannahstitfall

Springwatch presenter and BBC Earth presenter and producer Hannah Stitfall is a must-follow if you love wildlife videos. She’s known to don waterproofs and sit in rivers for the perfect shot of a dipper (the UK’s only aquatic songbird), not to mention championing nature for the benefit of mental health with soothing reels.


4. @hamzayassin90

Another The Plant Based Podcast alumnus, Hamza Yassin is instantly recognisable from his appearance on this year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing. However, he’s usually found behind the camera, shooting images and videos of wildlife across the world, or presenting on wildlife shows for the BBC, such as Countryfile.


5. @tiggywinklesuk

What happens to wild animals when they’re taken in for rehabilitation? Find out with Tiggywinkles, the world’s busiest wildlife hospital, based in Buckinghamshire. As well as posting updates about some of the animals they take in – which include bats, hedgehogs and foxes and more – they also post useful tips for keeping local wildlife safe.


Which accounts are on your wildlife radar? Leave a comment below!

Main image c/o Unsplash

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