Christmas wildlife gifts

Christmas is coming up, and now is the chance to give the gift of wildlife wellbeing to a loved one! As gardeners and plant lovers, caring for wildlife is second nature to us, as we need wildlife for our plants to thrive, and wildlife needs our plants and our help! There are many gifts that could make a huge difference to wildlife in your recipient’s area, but if you’re struggling with your decision, I’ve listed below five of my favourite wildlife gift ideas from experts CJ Wildlife!

1. For the bird watcher

This bid feeder sticks to windows, allowing a full viewing experience from inside your home as birds flock to the feeder to enjoy a tasty meal! Made with 100% recycled beverage packaging, you’re not only doing the birds a favour, but also the wider environment. Stock this feeder with a peanut cake square, which can be purchased here.

2. For the planner

Planners love to plan! And the best way to plan is with a calendar, which can be used to organise gardening jobs, days out, house chores and more. This beautifully illustrated calendar is from the National Trust, and £20,000 will be invested into preserving nature, beauty and history at their properties across the UK. Get this calendar here.

3. For the curious type

This bug viewer is perfect for kids who are learning about the natural world around them. It’s a large sized container with a huge 3x magnifier, which is great for viewing larger insect species. Once they’ve finished observing the bug, they can carefully pop it back into its habitat! Get this bug viewer here.

4. For the builder

Encouraging wild animals into your garden with specially designed housing is so rewarding! But what’s even more rewarding is if you can craft this housing with your own hands! This bat box building kit allows you to do just that. Create a home for bats with a hammer, a Phillips screwdriver and just a little bit of time. Get this kit here.

5. For the feeder

Ducks and swans are often fed bread, which has very little-to-no nutritional value to them, and fills them up at the same time, preventing them from getting the nutrients they really need. If your gift recipient loves taking care of the birds at the local pond, this bird feed makes a great gift, and is specially formulated to cater to their diets. Get the feed here.

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