Chick Charms

Not only do they have an adorable name, Chick Charms are grower-friendly plants that can put up with almost anything that you can throw at them. Once you get one, you’ve got to collect them all!


How to grow Chick Charms

Flowering time: Summer

Location: Pots, rock gardens, ground cover

Soil: Any well-draining soil

Light: Full sun

Water: Water moderately when growing. Certain varieties (Key Lime Kiss, Cotton Candy and Fringed Frosting) should be kept on the drier side

Care: Propagate root offsets in spring


Chick Charms

What’s different about this plant?

Chick Charms are low maintenance, have low water needs, are drought tolerant, and deer resistant. In other words, they’re the ultimate non-problematic plant, making them perfect for gardeners of all experiences!

These plants are succulents, and their scientific name – Sempervivum – actually translates as ‘live forever’. Why? Not only are they practically indestructible, they also multiply without intervention, so you may end up with generation upon generation of Chick Charms, filling your garden with joy for years to come.

A collectible plant, Chick Charms come in a wide variety of colours, from deep burgundy, to cool green-blue, to fiery orange. It won’t be long before you become addicted to collecting them!


How were these plants created?

Chris Hansen brought Chick Charms to the market after spotting a gap for some fun landscape plants that could appeal to young gardeners in particular. After evaluating his collection of around 500 plants, he handpicked 12 of the most vividly colourful varieties, which would go on to become the foundation for the Chick Charms collection.


Introduced in 2016, the collection now consists of 18 varieties, all selected for:

  • Great garden vigour
  • Year-round, unique colour
  • Resistance to summer root rot
  • Heavy baby chick production

The result is a strong, colourful collection that appeals to a wide range of gardeners and plant lovers.


Chick Charms

Where can you plant Chick Charms?

As long as these plants receive full sun and are placed in a well-draining soil, they can be planted almost anywhere – even in locations where the soil is very nutrient-poor. 

Chick Charms work well in your patio pots, in balcony planters, as ground cover, and as part of a rock garden. You can even plant them into cracks in stone walls, provided the conditions are right!

Where can you buy Chick Charms?

You can purchase Chick Charms in the UK at Cowell’s Garden Centre and You Garden, and in the US via Chick Charms’ recommended suppliers.

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