UK birds

We’re a nation of bird lovers here in the UK! With over 405 species of birds in the UK according to the RSPB, there’s a lot to get excited about. We’ve even got some fancy overseas visitors who love to grace our shores with their presence!

But when it comes to the names of these species, do you know your brambling from your bullfinch? Scroll down to put your bird knowledge to the test with my UK birds quiz.

But first, a few facts about our feathered friends…


Facts about UK birds

  • Britain’s most common bird of prey is the buzzard, with over 57,000 breeding pairs across the nation
  • Our biggest bird is the white-tailed eagle, with an impressive wingspan of two metres
  • Our smallest bird is the goldcrest, measuring at just 9cm in length
  • Our tallest bird is the common crane, standing at 120cm tall
  • Britain’s unofficial national bird is the robin – it was voted as our national bird in two country-wide polls, but was never given official status
  • The most common bird in the UK is the wren, with over 11 million pairs
  • Around half of the UK’s birds migrate overseas in winter


Which bird food should I use to feed UK garden birds?

There are lots of different brands of bird food available at supermarkets, garden centres, and more. However, cheaper brands often bulk up their products with ingredients that birds do not necessarily need.

It’s important to do your research and buy high quality bird food that is appropriate for the time of year. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here’s a great all-round bird food that contains everything that the birds in your garden need in order to thrive.

Richard Jacksons 12.75kg No Grow Premium Bird Food

Richard Jackson’s No Grow Premium Bird Food contains a carefully selected blend of seeds to help attract a wide range of birds to your garden, as well as a bag of Fledgling Food, a blend of bitesize pieces rich in energy and protein. Perfect for feeders, bird tables and ground feeding, this specially-developed bird food will help keep your feathered friends healthy and well-fed!

Plus, it’s ‘no grow’, so you won’t end up with seedlings errupting into growth around your bird feeder.

This bird food is available at QVC soon!


UK bird quiz – test your knowledge!

Take the quiz below to see just how many UK birds you can identify!

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