Container planting guide

Container planting is a great way to add colour and interest to any garden, no matter the location or size! You can easily switch up your containers with the seasons – or whenever you fancy a change. There are a few things to remember with container plants that will help you get the best out of them, but once you’ve got these tips in your knowledge bank, you’ll be a container whizz!

Things to remember when planting containers

Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your container plants:

  • You don’t just have to plant one plant – or even one species or variety – per container. Try making a statement with different heights, textures and colours!
  • Choose your container wisely. Plastic pots are affordable but can be broken if they are too thin; they can also cause drying out in summer. Some terracotta containers are not frost-proof and can shatter in winter, so opt for frost-proof if possible! Concrete containers are attractive and very durable, but some contain high amounts of lime which can seep into the soil and cause a high pH balance (which some plants really don’t like!). Do your research, and find your perfect container!
  • Choose a container with drainage holes to avoid waterlogging. However, if it doesn’t have holes, you can either carefully make some using a drill, or place broken terracotta pot pieces or pebbles in the bottom to help with drainage.
  • Pots can dry out in summer, but you can add water-retaining granules to help keep moisture levels up if this becomes a problem.
  • Leave a gap of around one inch between the surface of the soil and the lip of the container – this will allow you to water well without soil falling out over the sides.

How to plant the best containers: Step by step

I’ve created a handy guide for container planting using Thompson & Morgan’s Glimmer Impatiens Double Collection as my plant of choice.

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Container planting guide

Container planting guide

  1. Use a container that’s at least 12 inches in diameter. That way, the plants won’t dry out as quickly and you’ll ultimately use less water (great for your water bill – great for the environment!).

Container planting guide

  1. Use a quality compost. This will provide better results and help retain more moisture too. 


Container planting guide

  1. Add a quality fertiliser. I’ve used Incredibloom, which is an all-round fertiliser that guarantees your plants will be fed the right nutrients. This is a controlled release fertiliser, which releases only as the weather warms up; much better and no risk of burning your plants. It also helps you grow up to four times more flowers!


Container planting guide

  1. Planting 9cm plants means quicker flowering. Ease the plants out of their pots, always handling by the leaves so as not to damage the stems or any flowers.


Container planting guide

  1. Reduce marks on the patio, and help water drain away, with Pot Mates – simple rings which raise your pot slightly off the ground. Water plants well until established.


You can get Thompson & Morgan’s Glimmer Impatiens Double Collection with Incredibloom AND two planters at QVC! It’s got everything you need to start up your container garden and get you in the mood for spring.

The collection contains:

  • 1 x Impatiens ‘Glimmer Bright Red’ (9cm pot) – romantic bold red blooms
  • 1 x Impatiens ‘Glimmer White’ (9cm pot) – clean white blooms
  • 1 x Impatiens ‘Glimmer Appleblossom’ (9cm pot) – pale sugar pink blooms. Award winner
  • 1 x Impatiens ‘Glimmer Hot Pink’ (9cm pot) – bright pink blooms
  • 1 x Impatiens ‘Glimmer Burgundy’ (9cm pot) – rich, velvety burgundy blooms
  • 1 x Impatiens ‘Glimmer Salmon’ (9cm pot) – bright coral pink blooms
  • 2 x grey planters – made from lightweight plastic, with pre-drilled drainage holes
  • 1 x Incredicompost (25L) – combines the benefits of a vegan-friendly, professional grade, multi-purpose compost and the amazing plant-boosting qualities of Incredibloom

Get yours now at QVC here.


Any container planting tips to share from your own experiences? Let me know in the comment box below.

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