Northern Lights

Lighting can play a big role in your garden. From enhancing safety to completing your chosen aesthetic, there are many ways in which the right lighting can bring that much-needed finishing touch to an outdoor space.

With the rising cost of living, the best kind of garden lighting is solar. Why increase your energy bills when you can get free energy from the sun? Of course, solar may not be for everyone – for example, it may be tricky to get the right amount of light in order to charge your lights if you have a north-facing garden, or if your garden is overshadowed by a large structure. However, in most cases, solar is the way to go!

As we’re soon coming into spring and thinking about spending a bit more leisure time in our gardens, now is a great time to get your hands on some powerful – but attractive – solar lights before everyone else does! The evenings are still fairly dark, which means that you can enjoy your yard well after 4pm with some well positioned lighting. Think cosy spring evenings evenings under a big blanket, watching the sun go down before retiring into the house. What a lovely thought!

QVC have some great solar lighting options, including these Bell & Howell stake lights, which come in a set of four:

Bell & Howeel Solar Lights

They’re weatherproof and durable – which means they’ll withstand gales, rain and any last minute frosts or snow – and they’ve got an oversized solar panel that will allow the battery to get a good charge during the day.

You can also use these with the stakes or without! With the stakes, you can light up borders, beds and plant pots, or stick them in the ground by doors and pathways. Take the stake off, and you can use them as tabletop lighting, or lay them on the floor on your patio or decking. There’s no wiring, so you can place them wherever gets a good amount of sunlight – you can even take them camping!

Illuminate your garden – find these solar powered lights on QVC at 9pm on 5th March 2023.

Famous lights from around the world

Onto our quiz! I’ve put together a quiz about the famous lights from around the world. These could be naturally occuring lights or man-made – your job is to guess what they are! Take the quiz below.



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